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S01E01 : Pilot 7.08/10 (aired on 09/23/2013)

Christy is a mother struggling with raising her kids and staying sober at the same time. It doesn’t…

S01E02 : A Pee Stick and an Asian Raccoon 7.21/10 (aired on 09/30/2013)

Christy and Bonnie set aside their differences to deal with a family crisis together.

S01E03 : A Small Nervous Meltdown and a Misplaced Fork 7.97/10 (aired on 10/07/2013)

Christy goes on her first date since she stopped drinking. Meanwhile, Bonnie teaches her grandson…

S01E04 : Loathing and Tube Socks 7.58/10 (aired on 10/14/2013)

Christy’s patience is tested by everyone she knows. Meanwhile, Bonnie runs into an old rival.

S01E05 : Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag 7.85/10 (aired on 10/21/2013)

Christy makes a new friend who has big problems. Meanwhile, Bonnie attempts to put someone else’s…

S01E06 : Abstinence and Pudding 7.76/10 (aired on 10/28/2013)

Christy is determined to take things slow in her relationship with Adam. Meanwhile, Bonnie and her…

S01E07 : Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast 7.93/10 (aired on 11/04/2013)

Christy squares off against Luke’s conservative parents, who are upset about Violet’s pregnancy.…

S01E08 : Big Sur and Strawberry Lube 7.57/10 (aired on 11/11/2013)

Christy is nervous about going on a romantic weekend getaway with Adam. Meanwhile, Gabriel’s wife…

S01E09 : Zombies and Cobb Salad 7.66/10 (aired on 11/18/2013)

When Bonnie loses her job and struggles to keep her life together, Christy tries to get her back on…

S01E10 : Belgian Waffles and Bathroom Privileges 7.78/10 (aired on 11/25/2013)

Christy has trouble accepting how much easier life is with Bonnie in the house. Meanwhile, Baxter…

S01E11 : Cotton Candy and Blended Fish 7.79/10 (aired on 12/02/2013)

Christy and Bonnie go above and beyond to help a sick friend. Meanwhile, Violet is frustrated by…

S01E12 : Corned Beef and Handcuffs 7.77/10 (aired on 12/16/2013)

Christy gets stuck in the middle when Bonnie and Chef Rudy start dating.

S01E13 : Hot Soup and Shingles 7.77/10 (aired on 01/13/2014)

When Christy gets injured, she refuses to admit she needs Bonnie’s help. Meanwhile, Luke turns to…

S01E14 : Leather Cribs and Medieval Rack 7.87/10 (aired on 01/20/2014)

Christy and Bonnie come clean about secrets they’ve been keeping from each other. Meanwhile, Violet…

S01E15 : Fireballs and Bullet Holes 8.22/10 (aired on 01/27/2014)

Christy tries to start a relationship with her father, Alvin, while Bonnie struggles to accept that…

S01E16 : Nietzsche and a Beer Run 7.86/10 (aired on 02/03/2014)

Christy is tempted by her old vices when she dates an attractive, hard-partying man. Meanwhile,…

S01E17 : Jail, Jail and Japanese Porn 7.65/10 (aired on 02/24/2014)

When Christy puts her new relationship ahead of friends and family, Bonnie has to pick up the slack.

S01E18 : Sonograms and Tube Tops 7.69/10 (aired on 03/03/2014)

Christy plans a baby shower for Violet, who is nervous about becoming a mom. Meanwhile, Bonnie…

S01E19 : Toilet Wine and the Earl of Sandwich 7.86/10 (aired on 03/17/2014)

Christy and Bonnie help Regina tie up loose ends on the way to drop her off at prison. Meanwhile,…

S01E20 : Clumsy Monkeys and a Tilted Uterus 7.98/10 (aired on 03/24/2014)

Christy and Bonnie try to make sure everything goes smoothly when Violet finds the perfect couple…

S01E21 : Broken Dreams and Blocked Arteries 8.14/10 (aired on 03/31/2014)

Christy is caught in the middle when tensions rise between Bonnie and Alvin. Meanwhile, a very…

S01E22 : Smokey Taylor and a Deathbed Confession 8.44/10 (aired on 04/14/2014)

Christy and Bonnie help Violet through labor. Meanwhile, Christy is convinced that Bonnie still has…
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