Mon Colle Knights

Mon Colle Knights features Mondo, a guy wearing a goofy costume. Together with his friend Rockna and her scientist dad, Professor Hiragi, they jump into the Utopian Eagle and zoom off to an outrageous monster-filled place called Mon World. And while they're there, Mondo & Rockna merge with monsters, deal with tin chickens, and fight the evil Prince Eccentro! Their mission: collect all six Monster Items that will bring together their world and Mon World into universal peace. Eccentro's plan: zap monsters and make them evil, steal the six Monster Items, and rule over BOTH worlds. Additional Info ¢This show was created by Studio Deen, with the English adaptation done by Saban Entertainment.

Returning series
TV series
The show consists of 4 seasons and 83 episodes.


S03E10 : Episode 10 (aired on 02/13/2006)


S03E09 : Episode 9 (aired on 05/21/2005)


S03E08 : Episode 8 (aired on 05/14/2005)

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    TV series

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    4 Seasons • 83 Episodes

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    Returning series