Dr. Grout, a co-founder of a medical research institute, is found with arrows jutting from his back, and the letters "Wy" written in blood on a nearby rock. According to medium Sarah Pensall, the killer is a grim reaper with a crossbow. He’s accompanied by the spirit of a woman, and he will strike again. As associates of the institute are systematically killed off by the hooded specter, Murdoch finally gets a tip - a letter bearing only the word, "Wykeham." Whatever it means, Grout wanted them to know about it. Finally, with Pensall’s help, Murdoch discovers that, in 1893, a young woman died in a fire at Wykeham - a lodge once leased to Grout’s partner, Dr. Greyson. Things start to look worse for Greyson when a reaper’s costume is found stashed away in his office. Despite how things look, though, Murdoch knows Greyson’s not their man. But it’s not til he spots a photo of the young woman with her fiancé that the mystery is finally solved.

Aired on 04/03/2008
48 :
7.9/10 • 150 voting

Murdoch Mysteries • S01E11
Yannick Bisson Yannick BissonDetective William Murdoch
Helene Joy Helene JoyDr. Julia Ogden
Jonny Harris Jonny HarrisConstable George Crabtree
Lachlan Murdoch Lachlan MurdochConstable Henry Higgins
Thomas Craig Thomas CraigInspector Thomas Charles Brackenreid
Maria del Mar Maria del Mar
John L'EcuyerDirector