Season 4

The fourth season of animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, developed by Lauren Faust, originally aired on The Hub in the United States. The series is considered to be the fourth generation of the My Little Pony franchise, following earlier lines and television show tie-ins in the 1980s and 1990s. Season 4 of the series premiered on November 23, 2013, on The Hub, an American pay television channel partly owned by Hasbro. The show follows a studious unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle as her mentor Princess Celestia guides her to learn about friendship in the town of Ponyville. Twilight becomes close friends with five other ponies: Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Each represents a different face of friendship, and Twilight discovers herself to be a key part of the magical artifacts, the "Elements of Harmony". The ponies share adventures and help out other residents of Ponyville, while working out the troublesome moments in their own friendships. Hasbro selected animator Lauren Faust as the creative director and executive producer for the show. Faust sought to challenge the established "girly" nature of the existing My Little Pony line, creating more in-depth characters and adventurous settings, incorporating Hasbro's suggestions for marketing of the toy line.

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S04E01 : Princess Twilight Sparkle (1) 8.79/10 (aired on 11/23/2013)

Now a Princess, Twilight Sparkle's Summer Sun Celebration plans are put on hold when Princesses…

S04E02 : Princess Twilight Sparkle (2) 8.79/10 (aired on 11/23/2013)

In order to save Equestria from the Everfree Forest, Princess Twilight and friends must bring their…

S04E03 : Castle Mane-ia 8.38/10 (aired on 11/30/2013)

Twilight and Spike are sent by Celestia to the ruins of her old castle for research, and unknown to…

S04E04 : Daring Don't 8.19/10 (aired on 12/07/2013)

When Rainbow Dash discovers that the new A.K. Yearling book she has been eagerly anticipating is…

S04E05 : Flight to the Finish 8.89/10 (aired on 12/14/2013)

Rainbow Dash is over the moon to be coaching the young ponies in Scootaloo’s class for their…

S04E06 : Power Ponies 7.8/10 (aired on 12/21/2013)

When Spike and the ponies are transported into the city of Maretropolis in his favorite comic book,…

S04E07 : Bats! 8.39/10 (aired on 12/28/2013)

When Applejack’s beautiful orchard falls under attack on Apple Bucking Day, it is clear that the…

S04E08 : Rarity Takes Manehattan 8.69/10 (aired on 01/04/2014)

Rarity is thrilled to be heading to Manehattan for an important fashion show and brings all of her…

S04E09 : Pinkie Apple Pie 8.77/10 (aired on 01/11/2014)

Pinkie makes an astonishing discovery that may link the Pie family to the Apple clan, and no one is…

S04E10 : Rainbow Falls 7.01/10 (aired on 01/18/2014)

Rainbow Dash and her Ponyville team arrive in Rainbow Falls to fly in the qualifying round of the…

S04E11 : Three's a Crowd 8.3/10 (aired on 01/25/2014)

As Twilight Sparkle eagerly anticipates the arrival of Princess Cadance, Discord dishes up quite…

S04E12 : Pinkie Pride 9.29/10 (aired on 02/01/2014)

An elated Pinkie Pie is planning the biggest and best "birth-iversary" party ever for Rainbow Dash,…

S04E13 : Simple Ways 8/10 (aired on 02/08/2014)

Rarity is known around Ponyville for her confidence and class, both of which are lost when…

S04E14 : Filli Vanilli 8.4/10 (aired on 02/15/2014)

When Big Macintosh of the singing group, The Ponytones, has to drop out of an important…

S04E15 : Twilight Time 8.1/10 (aired on 02/22/2014)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are thrilled when Twilight offers to help them with their studies.…

S04E16 : It Ain't Easy Being Breezies 7.31/10 (aired on 03/01/2014)

Fluttershy takes action to rescue a group of magical Breezies, who're in need of some assistance…

S04E17 : Somepony to Watch Over Me 6.22/10 (aired on 03/08/2014)

Apple Bloom has to prove to Applejack that she doesn't need her to constantly watch over…

S04E18 : Maud Pie 8.98/10 (aired on 03/15/2014)

When Pinkie Pie's sister comes to town, the girls find her much different than Pinkie described.

S04E19 : For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils 8.89/10 (aired on 03/22/2014)

Sweetie Belle ruins a costume for one of Rarity's clients on purpose for taking the focus off her…

S04E20 : Leap of Faith 7.71/10 (aired on 03/29/2014)

When the Flim Flam Brothers promote a new kind of tonic that supposedly cures any and all ailments,…

S04E21 : Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 8.79/10 (aired on 04/05/2014)

Rainbow Dash wants more than anything to become a member of the prestigious Wonderbolts Reserves,…

S04E22 : Trade Ya! 7.9/10 (aired on 04/19/2014)

When the trip to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange doesn't go as planned, the girls learn just how…

S04E23 : Inspiration Manifestation 8.37/10 (aired on 04/26/2014)

Rarity loses her creativity and Spike finds a spell to help her get it back.

S04E24 : Equestria Games 8.4/10 (aired on 05/03/2014)

Spike is in charge of lighting the torch for the opening of the Equestria Games, but his nerves get…

S04E25 : Twilight's Kingdom (1) 9.39/10 (aired on 05/10/2014)

Synopsis: Princess Celestia chooses Discord over Princess Twilight to help track down a…

S04E26 : Twilight's Kingdom (2) 9.4/10 (aired on 05/10/2014)

The other princesses transfer all of their magical power to Twilight in hopes of saving…
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