Starlight decides to hire a Vice Headmare in preparation to take over the School of Friendship from Twilight. But she soon realizes that hiring the right pony for the job is going to be a lot harder than she thought.

Aired on 09/14/2019

Tara Strong Tara StrongTwilight Sparkle (voice)
Andrea Libman Andrea LibmanPinkie Pie / Fluttershy (voice)
Ashleigh Ball Ashleigh BallRainbow Dash / Applejack (voice)
Tabitha St. Germain Tabitha St. GermainRarity / Princess Luna / Granny Smith / Mrs. Cake (voice)
Cathy Weseluck Cathy WeseluckSpike / Mayor Mare (voice)
Michelle Creber Michelle CreberApple Bloom (voice)
Claire CorlettSweetie Belle (voice)
Madeleine PetersScootaloo (voice)
Nicole Oliver Nicole OliverPrincess Celestia / Cheerilee (voice)
Peter New Peter NewBig McIntosh (voice)
Brenda Crichlow Brenda CrichlowZecora (voice)
Chantal Strand Chantal StrandDiamond Tiara (voice)
Shannon Chan-Kent Shannon Chan-KentSilver Spoon (voice) / Pinkie Pie (singing)
Brian Drummond Brian DrummondMr. Cake (voice)
Rebecca Shoichet Rebecca ShoichetTwilight Sparkle (singing)
Kazumi Evans Kazumi EvansRarity (singing)
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    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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    TV series

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    9 Seasons • 201 Episodes

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    7.71/10 (16 847 voting)

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    CA US

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    22 :

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    Returning series