After meeting a deadline, Subaru sleeps well into the afternoon. When he finally wakes, he's greeted by an email from Hiroto announcing that his sister Narumi and her friend Haru-chan will be paying him a visit. He barely has time to feel surprised by the short notice before the girls arrive at his door. They bring food made by Haru-chan's mother as a gift, and Subaru can't suppress his stomach's hungry growls in response. He wants to share it with Haru, but Haru-chan says human food isn't healthy for cats and offers to make some cat-safe homemade food for her.

Aired on 03/12/2019

My Roommate is a Cat • S01E10
Haruka Yamazaki Haruka YamazakiHaru
Kensho Ono Kensho OnoSubaru Mikazuki
Chika Anzai Chika AnzaiNana Oukami
Hiro Shimono Hiro ShimonoAtsushi Kawase
Hiromichi KogamiKazuhiro Mikazuki
Kenjirou Tsuda Kenjirou TsudaRoku
Sayaka Ohara Sayaka OharaSaho Mikazuki
Shun Horie Shun HorieHiroto Yasaka
Tomokazu Sugita Tomokazu SugitaTarou
Yoshiki Nakajima Yoshiki NakajimaYuugo Oukami
Kaoru SuzukiDirector
Deko AkaoScript
Masaki UtsunomiyaEditor
Ryou HinoProducer
Tomoyuki OowadaProducer
Ryôhei SuzukiProducer
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    1 Season • 12 Episodes

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