Season episodes list 14


S14E01 : Echo of the Elephants - The Next Generation (aired on 01/14/1996)

A deeply moving account of elephant family life, The Next Generation is the sequel to the BBC…

S14E02 : Incredible Suckers (aired on 01/21/1996)

In the depths of the world’s oceans, biologist and award-winning wildlife photographer Mike deGruy …

S14E03 : Arctic Kingdom - Life at the Edge (aired on 01/28/1996)

An investigation into the inhabitants of the Arctic who have adapted to extreme conditions, looks…

S14E04 : Fifi's Boys, A Story of Wild Chimpanzees (aired on 02/04/1996)

Updated film portrait of Fifi a chimpanzee that naturalist Jane Goodall first studied in 1960. This…

S14E05 : Last Feast of the Crocodiles (aired on 02/07/1996)

An enthralling exploration of the 1991 South African drought, Last Feast of the Crocodiles focuses…

S14E06 : Rhythms of Life (aired on 02/11/1996)

Uses computer simulation and time-lapse photography to chart the effect of the rhythms of the sun,…

S14E07 : Lions: Pride in Peril (aired on 02/18/1996)

The King of Beasts, the lion, has an image of noble magnificence - a deadly hunter, red in both…

S14E08 : Monsoon (aired on 02/25/1996)

Examines the Indian Monsoon and the effect it has on the wildlife of the region.

S14E09 : Crossroads of Nancite (aired on 03/03/1996)

Explores the battle for survival in Nancite, a small stretch of beach and forest on the Pacific…

S14E10 : Bowerbird: Playboy of the Australian Forest (aired on 03/17/1996)

Documentary on the wildlife in Australia's Lamington National Park in Queensland, focusing on the…

S14E11 : Hightops of Scotland (aired on 03/24/1996)

Captures the private life of the wild life that inhabits the Cairngorm mountains in the north of…

S14E12 : Attenborough in Paradise (aired on 04/08/1996)

David Attenborough fulfilsan ambition to travel to the rainforests of New Guinea to film the birds…