Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : Forest in the Sea (aired on 10/09/1983)

The vast areas of kelp growing on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean provide a vital food source for…

S02E02 : Fungi: The Rotten World About Us (aired on 10/16/1983)

As an agent of decay, fungi performs a function essential to life on earth.

S02E03 : Acacia: Tree of Thorns (aired on 10/23/1983)

A great variety of wildlife species live in and around the thorny acacia trees on the African…

S02E04 : On the Tracks of the Wild Otter (aired on 11/06/1983)

Wildlife photographer Hugh Miles finds an opportunity to film a female otter on one of the remote…

S02E05 : Secret Weapons (aired on 11/13/1983)

Insects such as the beetle, firefly and moth make use of their natural chemicals as weapons against…

S02E06 : Voices in the Forest (aired on 12/18/1983)

The time-honored and ritualistic relationship of the highland peoples of Papua, New Guinea, to the…

S02E07 : Osprey (aired on 02/05/1984)

A look at this large bird’s life cycle, from hatching in the Scottish highlands through migration…

S02E08 : Big Business in Bees (aired on 02/12/1984)

Examined is the giant industry of bee cultivation in the U.S. and its relation to the billions of…

S02E09 : Jet Set Wildlife (aired on 02/19/1984)

An examination of the effects of alien plants and animals on Florida’s resident wildlife,…

S02E10 : The Masterbuilders (aired on 02/26/1984)

An examination of the nest-building habits of birds in various parts of the world.

S02E11 : Plight of the Bumblebee (aired on 03/04/1984)

The life cycle of the bumblebee is compared to that of humans in order to explain the “energy…

S02E12 : Missing Monsoon (aired on 03/11/1984)

The will of wildlife to survive is documented by photographers Stanley Breedon and Belinda Wright…

S02E13 : Resurrection at Truk Lagoon (aired on 03/25/1984)

An exploration of the sunken Japanese war machinery destroyed by the Allies during World War II in…