Season episodes list 12


S12E01 : In the Company of Wolves with Timothy Dalton (aired on 10/03/1993)

Timothy Dalton searches for wolf habitats in North America to learn more about the animal

S12E02 : Treasure of the Andes (aired on 10/10/1993)

The history of llamas, alpacas, vicunas and guanacos in South America.

S12E03 : Echoes from the Ice (aired on 11/07/1993)

The two-hundred-foot walls of ice in Glacier Bay overwhelm the senses, but they also surround the…

S12E04 : The Nature of Sex: The Primal Instinct (1) (aired on 11/22/1993)

This program looks at the varied ways in which life reproduces. Whether a species has one sex, two…

S12E05 : The Nature of Sex: A Time and a Place (2) (aired on 11/22/1993)

Explores the various influences on mating and courtship, from the sun, the moon and the change of…

S12E06 : The Nature of Sex: The Sex Contract (3) (aired on 11/23/1993)

Explores the selection process among different species for choosing a mate, whether it’s for life…

S12E07 : The Nature of Sex: Sex and the Human Animal (4) (aired on 11/23/1993)

An investigation into the origins of human sexuality and sexual roles.

S12E08 : The Nature of Sex: A Miracle in the Making (5) (aired on 11/24/1993)

A look at the reproduction process from conception to birth of a wide variety of animals.

S12E09 : The Nature of Sex: Young Ones (6) (aired on 11/24/1993)

A look at the parental process of all sorts of earth’s creatures.

S12E10 : Nature's Great African Moments (aired on 12/05/1993)

"Nature's Great African Moments" features clips from episodes focusing on the continent and its…

S12E11 : Anima Mundi: Before It's Too Late (aired on 01/23/1994)

"Anima Mundi" offers images of the natural world set to music; "Before It's Too Late" examines…

S12E12 : Phantom of the Forest (aired on 02/20/1994)

A study of the goshawk, a bird of prey that has been restored to the Scottish woodlands after being…

S12E13 : Sea Otter Story: Warm Hearts & Cold Water (aired on 03/13/1994)

"A Sea Otter Story---Warm Hearts & Cold Water" examines a California aquarium's efforts to raise an…

S12E14 : Toadskin Spell (aired on 05/15/1994)

"Toadskin Spell" examines frogs and toads and how the qualities of their skin help them survive…