Ninja Scroll

The story takes place in feudal Japan and follows the adventures of Jubei Kibagami, a mercenary ninja who is given a duty to guard the Dragon Stone and to protect the Priestess of Light (Shigure) from the Hiruko Clan and the Kimon Shu. He is aided by the government spy Dakuan and the thief Tsubute.

TV series created in 2003 by Tatsuo Satō.
The show consists of 1 season and 13 episodes.


Seizō Katō Seizō Katō
Yamidoro Anden (voice)
Romi Park Romi Park
Tsubute (voice)
Houko Kuwashima Houko Kuwashima
Shigure (voice)
Hideyuki Tanaka Hideyuki Tanaka
Mufu (voice)
Rikiya Koyama Rikiya Koyama
Kibagami Jubei (voice)
Yuzuru Fujimoto Yuzuru Fujimoto
Dakuan (voice)
David Rasner
Jubei Kibagami (voice)
Daisy Tormé Daisy Tormé
Shigure (voice)
Takuya SatouStoryboard
Yoshiaki KawajiriOriginal Story
Tatsuo SatouDirector
Toshiki InoueScript
Yasushi HiranoScript
KitaroOriginal Music Composer
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  • Original title

    Ninja Scroll

  • Type

    TV series

  • Episodes

    1 Season • 13 Episodes

  • Rating

    7.1/10 (1 139 voting)

  • Popularity : 100%

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  • Running time

    30 :

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