Season episodes list 1995


S1995E01 : The Greatest Living Painter (aired on 02/21/1995)

Examines the life and work of Willem de Kooning. Diagnosed as having Alzheimer's disease in 1988,…

S1995E02 : Carnaval: The Biggest Party in the World (aired on 02/28/1995)

Explores the whole world of the Carnaval in Rio, the preparations, the costumes, etc and the mafia…

S1995E03 : Joshua Bell (aired on 03/07/1995)

A portrait of former child prodigy Joshua Bell a young violinist from USA. Looks back at his…

S1995E04 : Ready When You Are, Mr Patel (aired on 03/14/1995)

Follows Indian character actor Harish Patel on a typically hectic day around the studios of Bombay.…

S1995E05 : Darker Than Blue: Curtis Mayfield (aired on 03/21/1995)

Soul legend Curtis Mayfield talks to Caryl Philips about his life, career and contribution to the…

S1995E06 : Jean Renoir: From Belle Époque To World War II (aired on 04/04/1995)

Documentary on the life and work of Jean Renoir including interviews with friends, colleagues and…

S1995E07 : Jean Renoir: Hollywood and Beyond (aired on 04/11/1995)

Documentary on the life and work of Jean Renoir including interviews with friends, colleagues and…

S1995E08 : Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms (aired on 04/18/1995)

Discusses the partnership of Jimmy Perry and David Croft and focuses on three of their sitcoms,…

S1995E09 : Divas (aired on 04/25/1995)

Looks at the world of the Diva. With comments from their admirers, business managers,conducters,…

S1995E10 : Ginger Rogers: A Tribute (aired on 04/30/1995)

Documentary tribute to Ginger Rogers, includes contributions from colleagues and the actress…

S1995E11 : Dave Stewart: Greetings From The Gutter (aired on 05/02/1995)

Profile of musician Dave Stewart, includes interviews with family and colleagues .

S1995E12 : One Prom Short of a Season (aired on 09/11/1995)

A history of the one hundred years of the Proms with interviews and archive footage.

S1995E13 : Listen, Paula... (aired on 09/18/1995)

The story of author Isabel Allende and her family which has recently been published in the novel…

S1995E14 : Enigma: The Making of a Hardback Hero (aired on 09/25/1995)

Follows author Robert Harris over the three years it has taken him to write his second novel…

S1995E15 : Artist Unknown (aired on 10/02/1995)

Programme focuses on a bronze mask tracing its journey from an antique shop in London to its…

S1995E16 : Gore Vidal's Gore Vidal Part One (aired on 10/09/1995)

First part of a two part profile of Gore Vidal following him around the scenes of his youth.

S1995E17 : Gore Vidal's Gore Vidal Part Two (aired on 10/16/1995)

Second part of a two part biographical film about Gore Vidal. In this programme he recalls the last…

S1995E18 : Presumption: The Life Of Jane Austen (aired on 10/23/1995)

Explores the popularity of Jane Austen.

S1995E19 : The Last Journey of John Keats (aired on 10/30/1995)

Retraces John Keats's last journey to Naples and Rome where he died at the age of 25.

S1995E20 : Foundation Course in Art (aired on 11/06/1995)

In 1992, enigmatic pop band KLF announced their retirement from the music industry,…

S1995E21 : Norman Foster (aired on 11/13/1995)

Portrait of the architect.

S1995E22 : Some Interesting Facts about Peter Cook (aired on 12/19/1995)

A tribute to Peter Cook, with contributions from friends and colleagues and some archive material.