Season 7

After six seasons, the residents of the enchanted forest face their greatest challenge yet as The Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin join forces with a grown-up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy on an epic quest to once again bring hope to their world and ours. Along the way, new fairy tale characters and old search for true love, find adventure and once again take sides in the struggle of good against evil, as classic tales are once more twisted and reimagined.

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S07E01 : Hyperion Heights (aired on 10/06/2017)

Henry leaves Storybrooke in search of his own story. Years later in another realm, he encounters a…

S07E02 : A Pirate's Life (aired on 10/13/2017)

When Henry finds himself in trouble, he calls upon his Storybrooke family for help, and together…

S07E03 : The Garden of Forking Paths (aired on 10/20/2017)

When Cinderella finds herself staring danger in the eye, she receives help from an unlikely source.…

S07E04 : Beauty (aired on 10/27/2017)

It's Halloween in Hyperion Heights and Victoria forces Ivy to take Lucy trick-or-treating.…

S07E05 : Greenbacks (aired on 11/03/2017)

Tiana seeks help from a traveling soothsayer, the iconic Dr. Facilier, in an attempt to save her…

S07E06 : Wake Up Call (aired on 11/10/2017)

Feeling like a third wheel as Henry and Cinderella's relationship strengthens, Regina is surprised…

S07E07 : Eloise Gardener (aired on 11/17/2017)

In pursuit of revenge, Hook seeks a dark and powerful magic, but an encounter with Rapunzel could…

S07E08 : Pretty in Blue (aired on 11/17/2017)

In an attempt to prevent a distressed Alice from running away, Henry and Ella follow her into…

S07E09 : One Little Tear (aired on 12/08/2017)

Victoria strikes a deal with Weaver in an attempt to free herself from jail and wake Anastasia, but…

S07E10 : The Eighth Witch (aired on 12/15/2017)

When Drizella threatens the realm with a dark curse, Henry and Ella take extreme actions to protect…

S07E11 : Secret Garden (aired on 03/02/2018)

Eager to harness her burgeoning magical skills, Robin engages in a risky relationship with Mother…

S07E12 : A Taste of the Heights (aired on 03/09/2018)

On the day of Tiana's coronation, a confrontation with Dr. Facilier compels her to take a trip…

S07E13 : Knightfall (aired on 03/16/2018)

Rogers strikes a deal with Eloise despite Tilly’s fair warning. Ivy struggles to find herself after…

S07E14 : The Girl in the Tower (aired on 03/23/2018)

Rogers works to prove Tilly’s innocence in the case of the Blind Baker’s death, while Ivy attempts…

S07E15 : Sisterhood (aired on 03/30/2018)

When the Candy Killer attacks, Ivy will have to risk what remains of her family, while Jacinda and…

S07E16 : Breadcrumbs (aired on 04/06/2018)

Henry grapples with an important decision when a job prospect in New York threatens to take him…

S07E17 : Chosen (aired on 04/13/2018)

Kelly comes face-to-face with The Candy Killer after someone she loves is taken hostage. Meanwhile,…

S07E18 : Episode 18 (aired on 04/20/2018)


S07E19 : Episode 19 (aired on 04/27/2018)


S07E20 : Episode 20 (aired on 05/04/2018)


S07E21 : Episode 21 (aired on 05/11/2018)


S07E22 : Leaving Storybrooke (aired on 05/18/2018)

Series Finale.
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