One Piece

It was a time when pirates ruled the seas. Several bands of pirates were battling over the great hidden treasure, One Piece, which was left by the now legendary pirate captain, Gold Roger. There was a young boy who admired the pirates, his name was Monkey D. Luffy. One day, he mistakenly eats the devil's fruit and turns himself into a rubber human being. Ten years have passed since that incident. Luffy sets out to sail all alone. He sets out to become a great pirate captain and that's when his great adventure begins. "I'm going to be the Pirate King! I'm going to get One Piece!".

Returning series
TV series
The show consists of 12 seasons and 456 episodes.


S21E902 : Episode 902 (aired on 09/15/2019)


S21E901 : Episode 901 (aired on 09/08/2019)


S21E900 : Episode 900 (aired on 09/01/2019)


S01E38 : Luffy in Big Trouble! Fishmen vs. the Luffy Pirates! 7.92/10 (113 voting)


S01E43 : End of the Fishman Empire! Nami's My Friend! 7.84/10 (134 voting)


S01E30 : Set Sail! The Seafaring Cook Sets Off With Luffy! 7.84/10 (125 voting)




Mayumi Tanaka Mayumi Tanaka
Monkey D. Luffy (voice)
Kazuya Nakai Kazuya Nakai
Roronoa Zoro (voice)
Akemi Okamura Akemi Okamura
Nami (voice)
Kappei Yamaguchi Kappei Yamaguchi
Usopp (voice)
Hiroaki Hirata Hiroaki Hirata
Vinsmoke Sanji (voice)
Ikue Otani Ikue Otani
Tony Tony Chopper (voice)
Kazuki Yao Kazuki Yao
Franky (voice)
Choo Choo
Brook (voice)

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