Season episodes list 17


S17E01 : Startling! The Big News Shakes Up the New World! 7.74/10 (aired on 01/19/2014)

The world gets to know about Doflamingo's resignation from the Warlords. Luffy threatens Doflamingo…

S17E02 : Adventure! The Country of Love and Passion, Dressrosa 7.62/10 (aired on 01/26/2014)

The Straw Hat Pirates, Law, Kinemon and Momonosuke arrive at Dressrosa. There, they go to a…

S17E03 : Swirling Madness! Corrida Colosseum 7.64/10 (aired on 02/02/2014)

Doflamingo's underlings take advantage of the old man's blindness to steal his earnings. Luffy…

S17E04 : Dangerous Love! Dancing Girl Violet 7.75/10 (aired on 02/09/2014)

As Zoro searches for his missing katana, Sanji finds himself meeting a beautiful and stunning…

S17E05 : A Formidable, Unknown Warrior! Here Comes Lucy! 7.67/10 (aired on 02/16/2014)

The episode starts with Luffy signing up for the tournament, and Franky requests Luffy to not let…

S17E06 : The Pirate Prince Cavendish 7.87/10 (aired on 02/23/2014)

The famous beautiful pirate Cavendish makes an entrance, and proceeds to explain to Luffy (not…

S17E07 : The Fated Reunion! Bellamy the Hyena 7.73/10 (aired on 03/02/2014)

Luffy meets an unexpected acquaintance from the past, Bellamy, who seems to be up to no good! The…

S17E08 : Supernova! Bartolomeo the Cannibal 7.74/10 (aired on 03/16/2014)

The Block B battle begins. Bartolomeo is heckled by the crowd as he enters the Colosseum. He…

S17E09 : Rivalry of Warriors! B Block on Fire! 7.84/10 (aired on 03/23/2014)

Seeing that his true identity is exposed, Luffy tries to defend himself from Chinjao's devastating…

S17E10 : One-Hit Knockout! The Astounding King Punch 7.76/10 (aired on 03/30/2014)

With Hack defeated and the remaining fighters reduced to 24, the battle royale is nearly over.…

S17E11 : Fighting Fish Attack! Break through the Iron Bridge of Death 7.76/10 (aired on 04/06/2014)

The episode starts with a previous flashback of the Block B match, depictions including the King…

S17E12 : Adventure! The Island of Fairies, Green Bit 7.46/10 (aired on 04/13/2014)

Upon their arrival to Green Bit, the group discovers a Marine ship that crashed and believed that…

S17E13 : The Unknown World! Tontatta Kingdom 7.34/10 (aired on 04/20/2014)

Robin found herself captured by dwarves after they knocked her and Usopp unconscious. When she told…

S17E14 : Scheme of the Century! Doflamingo Gets Moving 7.75/10 (aired on 04/27/2014)

Sanji learns the truth about what happens before their arrival in Dressrosa. He tells Law via Den…

S17E15 : Heaven and Earth Shakes! The True Power of Admiral Fujitora 7.78/10 (aired on 05/04/2014)

Admiral Issho and Donquixote Doflamingo prepare to fight Trafalgar Law, who is trying to stall them…

S17E16 : A Blow of Anger! A Giant vs. Lucy! 7.57/10 (aired on 05/11/2014)

The Straw Hat Pirates onboard the Thousand Sunny find themselves in a predicament as they are under…

S17E17 : The Destructive Cannon Explodes! A Close Call for Lucy 7.34/10 (aired on 05/18/2014)

The battle royale heats up as more fighters continue to drop one after another and the strongest…

S17E18 : The Legendary Pirate! Boss Chinjao 7.86/10 (aired on 05/25/2014)

The competition at Block C of the Corrida Colosseum is wining down as Lucy squares off against Jean…

S17E19 : Light and Shadow! The Darkness Lurking in Dressrosa! 7.45/10 (aired on 06/01/2014)

In the Colosseum, Chinjao told Luffy that the King of the Pirates is one who conquers all the…

S17E20 : Sortie! The Legendary Hero, Usoland 7.65/10 (aired on 06/08/2014)

Usopp, Robin and their dwarf allies are preparing for battle with the Donquixote Pirates to rescue…

S17E21 : The Fierce Battle's Conclusion! Lucy vs. Chinjao 7.82/10 (aired on 06/15/2014)

Luffy's battle with Chinjao rages forward as they both use Busoshoku Haki in the ongoing fight.…

S17E22 : Luffy and the Fated Gladiator Rebecca 7.83/10 (aired on 06/22/2014)

As Luffy leaves the ring after winning Block C of the tournament, he is attacked by Cavendish.…

S17E23 : Protect Her 'til the End! Rebecca and the Toy Soldier 7.84/10 (aired on 06/29/2014)

When Rebecca was little, her mother died when Rebecca said that she is hungry. The two had not…

S17E24 : Final Battleground! D Block Battle Begins 7.48/10 (aired on 07/06/2014)

At the Corrida Colosseum, the crowd continues to taunt Rebecca until Cavendish shouts at them to…

S17E25 : Decisive Battle! Jora vs. Straw Hat Crew 7.65/10 (aired on 07/13/2014)

At Green Bit, Donquixote Doflamingo reveals a bit of history that nineteen of the twenty kings who…

S17E26 : Blade of Beauty! Cavendish of the White Horse 7.84/10 (aired on 07/20/2014)

In the Corrida Colosseum, the battle of Block D continues as Cavendish fights against and defeats…

S17E27 : The Great Clash! Sanji vs. Doflamingo 7.64/10 (aired on 08/03/2014)

Sanji put up a valiant fight but was ultimately defeated by Doflamingo. Before Doflamingo could…

S17E28 : Rebecca's Sword of Death! Backwater Sword Dance 7.75/10 (aired on 08/10/2014)

Trafalgar Law and Donquixote Doflamingo begin their duel with a bang on the iron bridge while the…

S17E29 : The Strongest Warrior! Logan vs. Rebecca 7.45/10 (aired on 08/17/2014)

Bartolomeo searches for Luffy while he stumbles upon the infirmary with the losers of Block C.…

S17E30 : Shock! The Toy Soldier's True Identity 7.75/10 (aired on 08/24/2014)

After some conversation, Ricky reveals himself to be Riku Dold III, the former king of Dressrosa…

S17E31 : A Chilling Past! The Secret Behind Dressrosa 7.74/10 (aired on 08/31/2014)

While the fight for block D continues, Thunder Soldier explains to the Straw Hat Pirates how King…

S17E32 : Nightmare! That One Tragic Evening in Dressrosa 7.74/10 (aired on 09/07/2014)

While Doflamingo continues to control Riku Dold III, his subordinates manage to take control of the…

S17E33 : A Showdown Between the Warlords! Law vs. Doflamingo! 7.73/10 (aired on 09/14/2014)

As Luffy talks with Zoro and Kinemon, Bellamy begins approaching Luffy, saying he finally found…

S17E34 : Two Great Forces Face Off! Straw Hat and Heavenly Yaksha 7.77/10 (aired on 09/21/2014)

Doflamingo lies to the shocked citizens that witnessed him shooting Law, telling them that Law was…

S17E35 : Luffy, Startled! The Man Who Will Inherit Ace’s Will 7.73/10 (aired on 09/28/2014)

Dellinger continues attacking Bellamy until Bartolomeo saves him, before Dellinger is called by…

S17E36 : Start Operation SOP! Usoland Charges 7.55/10 (aired on 10/05/2014)

At the Flower Field, the Dwarf army and the Straw Hat Pirates begin to move out, with Franky taking…

S17E37 : Hot Emotions! Rebecca vs. Suleiman 7.55/10 (aired on 10/12/2014)

The colosseum D block battle is almost over with nearly 30 fighters remaining with Rebecca among…

S17E38 : Winner Decided!? The End to the D-Block Bash 7.75/10 (aired on 10/19/2014)

As the dust clears, the last fighter standing turns out to be Rebecca making her the winner much to…

S17E39 : The Admiral’s Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo 7.74/10 (aired on 10/26/2014)

In the Colosseum, Rebecca finds Lucy to tell him she is in the finals too, but notices that Lucy is…

S17E40 : The Final Round Begins! Diamante the Hero Takes the Stage 7.65/10 (aired on 11/02/2014)

The contenders of the final round, Burgess, Bartolomeo, Lucy, Rebecca, and Diamante make their way…

S17E41 : The Castle Moves! Elite Officer Pica Emerges 7.75/10 (aired on 11/09/2014)

Luffy, Zoro, and Viola make their way up the castle, while Kin'emon and Wicca go down to the Toy…

S17E42 : Dragon Claw Explodes! Lucy's Threatening Blow! 7.64/10 (aired on 11/16/2014)

Leo prepares to plant the Tatababasco grape in Sugar's bowl, but is stopped by Robin after she sees…

S17E43 : Defeat Sugar! The Dwarf Soldiers Charge In! 7.75/10 (aired on 11/23/2014)

Zoro's battle with Pica continues as Luffy and Viola move forward. Meanwhile, the tower elevator…

S17E44 : The Last Light! The Secret of Our Captain! 7.65/10 (aired on 11/30/2014)

The destruction caused by Trebol was enough to bring the attempted attack on Sugar to a stop as the…

S17E45 : The Rupture Human! Gladius' Big Explosion! 7.75/10 (aired on 12/07/2014)

While Thunder Soldier, Kabu, and Rampo progress through the castle, they encounter and battle…

S17E46 : Liar! Usoland on the Run! 7.75/10 (aired on 12/14/2014)

Usopp tries to escape from the trading port after the dwarves' defeat. Leo and his comrades keep…

S17E47 : A Fateful Encounter! Kyros and King Riku 7.75/10 (aired on 12/21/2014)

While Usopp faces Trebol, the Thunder Soldier recalls his time as Kyros. After much time as a…

S17E48 : Operation Failed! Hero Usoland Dies!? 7.84/10 (aired on 12/28/2014)

Ten years ago, when Dressrosa is attacked by the Donquixote Pirates, Kyros rushes to the palace to…

S17E49 : The Legend Is Back! Kyros' All-Out Attack! 7.63/10 (aired on 01/11/2015)

As an unconscious Sugar falls to the ground, the toys in Dressrosa begin reverting to their human…

S17E50 : The Fire Fist Strikes! The Flare Flare Fruit Power Returns! 7.63/10 (aired on 01/18/2015)

The final Colosseum round continues as Rebecca finally remembers her father. Sabo destroys the…

S17E51 : Gallant Appearance! Revolutionary Army Chief of Staff Sabo! 7.84/10 (aired on 01/25/2015)

Koala, Sabo, Rebecca, and Bartolomeo go down to the trade port, where Sabo finally reveals himself.…

S17E52 : The Devil's Trap! Dressrosa Annihilation Plan 7.74/10 (aired on 02/01/2015)

Doflamingo orders Pica to push Luffy and the others off of the palace. Doflamingo then unleashes…

S17E53 : The 500 Million Berry Man! Target: Usoland! 7.84/10 (aired on 02/08/2015)

As citizens and Marines are forced to attack each other in the streets of Dressrosa, Doflamingo…

S17E54 : Break Through the Enemy Lines! Luffy and Zoro's Counterattack! 7.45/10 (aired on 02/15/2015)

Sabo and Koala separate from Nico Robin's group and head in separate directions as Robin decides to…

S17E55 : With a Rumbling of the Ground! The God of Destruction Giant Pica Descends! 7.7/10 (aired on 03/01/2015)

Robin, Usopp, the Tontatta's and the others make moves to rejoin Luffy as Doflamingo's deadly game…

S17E56 : Gathering Into a Powerful Front! Luffy and a Group of Brutal Warriors! 7.45/10 (aired on 03/15/2015)

With Luffy and the others recovering from Pica'a attack, the game is afoot! Luffy has just enough…

S17E57 : Steady Progress! Luffy's Army vs. Pica! 7.74/10 (aired on 03/22/2015)

Don Chin Jao and Elizabello successfully break Pica's giant arm but the rock giant is unfazed and…

S17E58 : A Shocking Confession! Law's Soulful Vow! 7.84/10 (aired on 03/29/2015)

Luffy and Moocy fast approach the showdown with Dolflamingo - while the others with a beef against…

S17E59 : A Big Collision! Chief of Staff Sabo vs. Admiral Fujitora 7.63/10 (aired on 04/05/2015)

Lufy makes headway toward Dolflamingo's refuge, making his way through Dolflamingo's guards, while…

S17E60 : A Desperate Situation! Luffy Gets Caught in a Trap! 7.54/10 (aired on 04/12/2015)

Luffy cuts a lucky break as Kelly Funk shows him a shortcut to the Palace! But all may not be as…

S17E61 : Great Escape! Luffy's Miraculous Elephant Gun! 7.64/10 (aired on 04/19/2015)

Luffy and Moocy fast approach the showdown with Doflamingo - while the others with a beef against…

S17E62 : A United Front! Luffy's Breakthrough to Victory 7.35/10 (aired on 04/26/2015)

The Tontattas locate their captive comrades and seem to be able to get the message to them - the…

S17E63 : The Second Samurai! Evening Shower Kanjuro Appears 7.45/10 (aired on 05/03/2015)

Hidden far underground, Kin'emon finds his old friend Kanjuro, whose powers allow the two to,…

S17E64 : The Struggle with Pica! Zoro's One Finishing Move 7.64/10 (aired on 05/10/2015)

The Tontattas are in full revolt! But can they keep their wits about them long enough to make it…

S17E65 : The Little People's Princess! Captive Mansherry 7.15/10 (aired on 05/17/2015)

Franky finally makes it into the factory and the Tontattas are reunited with their captive friends!…

S17E66 : Invulnerable! The Terrifying Headcracker Doll Army 7.05/10 (aired on 05/24/2015)

Robin, Rebecca, and Bartolomeo draw closer to the Flower Field on the forth level of the Royal…

S17E67 : Life-Risking! Luffy Is the Trump Card to Victory 7.74/10 (aired on 05/31/2015)

Rebecca makes it to the Flower Field alone, but unfortunately finds company there that is less than…

S17E68 : A Tearful Reunion! Rebecca and Kyros! 7.69/10 (aired on 06/07/2015)

Diamante has Rebecca pinned and completely overpowered. If only the Soldier-san of her youth were…

S17E69 : One Shot One Kill! The Man Who Will Save Dressrosa 7.73/10 (aired on 06/14/2015)

Usopp uses Viola's clairvoyance to prepare his ammunition to take Sugar out! But the slightest…

S17E70 : Anger Explosion! Luffy and Laws's Ultimate Secret Plan 7.74/10 (aired on 06/21/2015)

The final showdown with Doflamingo begins, but the Warlord still has several tricks up his sleeve -…

S17E71 : Noble Family! Doflamingo's True Identity! 7.77/10 (aired on 06/28/2015)

All hopes rest on Luffy and Law being able to take down Doflamingo; but the Warlord has other plans…

S17E72 : Ultimate Power! The Secret of the Ope Ope no Mi! 7.67/10 (aired on 07/05/2015)

With Fujitora's stalemate arousing suspicion in the Navy ranks, Law and Luffy stand seconds away…

S17E73 : Sad Memories! Law the Boy from the White City! 7.65/10 (aired on 07/12/2015)

The horrible secret of Flevance, the White Town, is revealed, giving clues to Law's traumatic past!…

S17E74 : Celestial Dragon! Doffy's Stormy Past! 7.67/10 (aired on 07/19/2015)

Law's attack on Corazon looks less successful than he thought! And after he's accepted into the…

S17E75 : A Rocky Road! Law and Corazon's Journey of Life! 7.87/10 (aired on 08/02/2015)

Things grow stranger for Law as he learns the secret behind why Corazon feigns being mute! But the…

S17E76 : The Time is Ticking Down! Seize the Op-Op Fruit! 7.64/10 (aired on 08/09/2015)

Corazon's double-dealing with the Navy raises suspicions both with Doflamingo and Law. But all…

S17E77 : The Moment of Resolution: Corazon's Farewell Smile! 7.74/10 (aired on 08/16/2015)

The Op-Op Fruit is in Corazon's hands! But the price he paid to get it might be too high.. When…

S17E78 : Advance, Law! The Kindhearted Man's Final Fight! 7.63/10 (aired on 08/23/2015)

Doflamingo and his Family begin to zero in on Corazon and Law's whereabouts, but Corazon has a plan…

S17E79 : To Be Free! Law's Injection Shot Blasts! 7.65/10 (aired on 08/30/2015)

Violet runs down the status of the open battles raging in Dressrosa - the Straw Hats, the…

S17E80 : An Intense Battle! Law vs. Doflamingo! 7.74/10 (aired on 09/06/2015)

Luffy continues to battle Fake-mingo, but keeps accidentally battling Bellamy instead. Meanwhile…

S17E81 : A Decisive Battle Against the Executives! Proud Hajrudin! 7.26/10 (aired on 09/13/2015)

Bellamy escapes Doflamingo's control, but it might be too late. His long history with Doflamingo…

S17E82 : The Battle of Love! The New Leader Sai vs. Baby 5! 7.42/10 (aired on 09/20/2015)

Lao G and Don Chin Jao duke it out as each brings their most devastating attacks to the battle. …

S17E83 : The Man's Pride! Bellamy's Last Charge! 7.75/10 (aired on 09/27/2015)

Law is at the whim of Doflamingo and Trebol, while Luffy still has to deal with Bellamy, who fights…

S17E84 : A Strong Wind and a Surge! Hakuba vs. Delinger! 7.65/10 (aired on 10/04/2015)

A mysterious force that resembles Cavendish menaces the battlefield - but while it appears to help…

S17E85 : Barrier Barrier! Homage Holy Fist Strikes! 7.75/10 (aired on 10/11/2015)

Bartolomeo is in a neck and neck battle against Gladius to save Robin, and is faced with an…

S17E86 : The Healing Princess! Save Mansherry! 7.56/10 (aired on 10/18/2015)

Princess Mansherry's amazing power - to heal living beings completely - is in the hands of the…

S17E87 : The Manly Duel! Señor's Elegy of Love! 7.65/10 (aired on 10/25/2015)

Señor Pink and Franky continue their knock-down, drag-out, manly fight. As both of them are pushed…

S17E88 : Stardust of Death! Diamante's Storm of Vicious Attacks! 7.65/10 (aired on 11/01/2015)

Franky and Señor Pink end their harrowing duel in a manly way - but victory knocks the wind out of…

S17E89 : Trueno Bastard! Kyros' Blow of Anger! 7.75/10 (aired on 11/08/2015)

Kyros, unbowed by Diamante's vicious attacks, fights back with the anger and retribution of all of…

S17E90 : Moving Across the Ground! The Giant Statue Pica's Surprise Maneuver! 7.65/10 (aired on 11/15/2015)

Pica loses his temper and turns his full wrath against King Riku, whom he hopes to destroy, ending…

S17E91 : Aerial Battle! Zoro's New Deadly Secret Technique Explodes! 7.13/10 (aired on 11/22/2015)

With the lives of King Riku, Usopp, and the others on the old King's Plateau in the balance, Zoro…

S17E92 : So Long! Bellamy's Farewell Blow! 7.74/10 (aired on 11/29/2015)

Zoro finishes off Pica, and those below his crumbling body rush to find shelter. Meanwhile, the…

S17E93 : Law Dies! Luffy's Raging Onslaught! 7.75/10 (aired on 12/06/2015)

Taking down Bellamy only enrages Luffy in his fight against Doflamingo, his anger multiplying when…

S17E94 : A Blade of Tenacity! The Gamma Knife Counterattack! 7.75/10 (aired on 12/13/2015)

The birdcage draws tighter and tighter around Dressrosa, threatening to destroy all life on the…

S17E95 : A Collision of Haki! Luffy vs. Doflamingo 7.83/10 (aired on 12/20/2015)

Law's attack proves powerful - but Doflamingo's power has depths which he and Luffy haven't…

S17E96 : Unassailable! The Stunning Secret of Trebol! 7.75/10 (aired on 12/27/2015)

Trebol's wrath is fully inflamed as Law summons enough energy to speak, denouncing the Doflamingo…

S17E97 : Anger Erupts! I Will Take Everything upon Myself! 7.64/10 (aired on 01/10/2016)

Cavendish has to make a difficult decision when the severely wounded Law begs him to be left…

S17E98 : Fourth Gear! The Phenomenal Bounce-Man! 7.72/10 (aired on 01/17/2016)

Luffy and Doflamingo duke it out while the Birdcage tightens its grip on Dressrosa! Zoro sets off…

S17E99 : A Massive Counterattack! Doflamingo's Awakening! 7.75/10 (aired on 01/24/2016)

The Birdcage continues its merciless constriction, sending the residents of Dressrosa fleeing…

S17E100 : Luffy! An All-Out Leo Bazooka! 7.74/10 (aired on 01/31/2016)

Fourth Gear gives Luffy the power he needs to head off Doflamingo at every strike! But the energy…

S17E101 : Flame Dragon King! Protect Luffy's Life! 7.75/10 (aired on 02/14/2016)

Bounce-man's power has drained Luffy, leaving him in need of a rest before he can reuse his Haki,…

S17E102 : Tears of Miracles! Mansherry's Fight! 7.56/10 (aired on 02/21/2016)

With Luffy and so many of the Straw Hats' allies incapacitated, victory seems inevitable for…

S17E103 : As Long as We Breathe! Stop the Deadly Birdcage! 7.16/10 (aired on 02/28/2016)

With just over a minute to spare, everyone in Dressrosa turns their efforts towards slowing down…

S17E104 : Dead or Alive! A Fateful Countdown! 7.75/10 (aired on 03/06/2016)

Only a bit more time remains before Luffy returns to the scene! But as time slips by, those who…

S17E105 : Attack on a Celestial! Luffy's King Kong Gun of Anger! 7.66/10 (aired on 03/20/2016)

Luffy regains enough Haki to face off against Doflamingo, but his health is still poor. With the…

S17E106 : To Be Free! Dressrosa's Delight! 7.75/10 (aired on 03/27/2016)

With Doflamingo thoroughly quashed and the Birdcage collapsing, the people of Dressrosa shed tears…

S17E107 : The Unheard-of! Admirial Fujitora's Surprising Decision! 7.75/10 (aired on 04/03/2016)

Jesus Burgess of the Blackbeard Pirates tries to agitate Sabo, mocking Ace's final words in order…

S17E108 : Sending a Shock Wave! The Worst Generation Goes into Action! 7.74/10 (aired on 04/10/2016)

Repercussions of Doflamingo's defeat reverberate around the world! Fujitora's actions put the Navy…

S17E109 : The Birth of the Legend! The Adventures of the Revolutionary Warrior Sabo! 7.65/10 (aired on 04/17/2016)

Dressrosa begins rebuilding and the fighters from the battle for Dressrosa can finally begin to…

S17E110 : The Brothers' Bond! The Untold Story of Luffy and Sabo's Reunion! 7.71/10 (aired on 04/24/2016)

Sabo recounts his surprising reunion with Luffy at the Colosseum as the Straw Hats and the others…

S17E111 : The Strongest Creature! Kaido of the Beasts! 7.63/10 (aired on 05/01/2016)

As Sabo departs, our attention shifts to the other Straw Hats waging a fierce battle on a…

S17E112 : Fujitora Takes Action! The Complete Siege of the Straw Hats! 7.75/10 (aired on 05/08/2016)

As Luffy and the others begin to come to their senses, major players in the Navy arrive to search…

S17E113 : A State of Emergency! Rebecca Is Kidnapped! 7.66/10 (aired on 05/15/2016)

Fujitora's flirting with chance has turned out poorly for the Straw Hats as the full Navy force…

S17E114 : The Bond of Father and Daughter! Kyros and Rebecca 7.56/10 (aired on 05/22/2016)

Rebecca has precious little time to follow Luffy's lead and make it to Kyros. Can she make it in…

S17E115 : Men's Pride! Luffy vs. Fujitora in a Head-to-Head! 7.85/10 (aired on 05/29/2016)

Law and Sengoku share memories of Corazon, and the secret of Trafalgar Law's name. Meanwhile,…

S17E116 : No Way Out! Admiral Fujitora's Ruthless Pursuit! 7.75/10 (aired on 06/05/2016)

The people of Dressrosa show their appreciation to the Straw Hats one last time by foiling…

S17E117 : Sons' Cups! The Straw Hat Fleet Is Formed! 7.75/10 (aired on 06/12/2016)

With newfound allies won in the battle at Dressrosa, and as the Navy watches, Luffy and the Straw…

S17E118 : The Numerous Rivals Struggle Amongst Themselves! The Raging Monsters of the New World 7.55/10 (aired on 06/19/2016)

While the Straw Hats are underway. Doflamingo has serious predictions for the upset of the world…

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S17E720 : Episode 720 (aired on 11/29/2015)


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