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S01E01 : The Strongest Man 9.2/10 (aired on 10/04/2015)

Saitama is a guy who’s a hero for fun. After saving a child from certain death, he decided to…

S01E02 : The Lone Cyborg 9.4/10 (aired on 10/11/2015)

A monster is moving toward City Z, one that has been created by the mysterious organization known…

S01E03 : The Obsessive Scientist 9.4/10 (aired on 10/18/2015)

The narration describes the story of Doctor Genus, brilliant young scientist with ideas of…

S01E04 : The Modern Ninja 9.3/10 (aired on 10/26/2015)

A group of battlesuit-clad terrorists called "The Paradisers" appears in City F, led by an enormous…

S01E05 : The Ultimate Master 9.5/10 (aired on 11/01/2015)

In episode 5 Saitama and Genos are finally going to become registered heroes, but first they have…

S01E06 : The Terrifying City 9.3/10 (aired on 11/08/2015)

It's been five days since Saitama became a professional hero and he has yet to do anything heroic.…

S01E07 : The Ultimate Disciple 9.5/10 (aired on 11/15/2015)

An enormous meteor hurtles toward City Z, forcing the Hero Association to ask its S Class heroes to…

S01E08 : The Deep Sea King 9.5/10 (aired on 11/22/2015)

A pack of monsters calling themselves the "Clan of the Seafolk" arrive on the shores of City J…

S01E09 : Unyielding Justice 9.7/10 (aired on 11/29/2015)

The Deep Sea King has defeated every hero who opposed him with ease. Genos is preparing to attack…

S01E10 : Unparalleled Peril 9.5/10 (aired on 12/06/2015)

Saitama tags along to an emergency meeting of Class S heroes and discovers that a seer has foretold…

S01E11 : The Dominator of the Universe 9.6/10 (aired on 12/13/2015)

As a colossal spaceship floats in the skies above City A, a member of its monstrous crew battles on…

S01E12 : The Strongest Hero 9.8/10 (aired on 12/20/2015)

The inconceivably powerful Lord Boros has traveled untold distances in search of someone who can…

S01E13 : Season Specials : The Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close (aired on 12/24/2015)

After the battle with Mosquito Girl, Genos tails Saitama as he goes about his daily life in the…

S01E14 : Season Specials : The Pupil Who Is an Extremely Poor Talker (aired on 01/29/2016)

After spending some time together in a communal bath, Saitama gives Genos a key to their apartment…

S01E15 : Season Specials : The Ninja Who is Too Complicated (aired on 02/24/2016)

After the events of episode 4, Sonic finds himself troubled that he cannot fight properly after his…

S01E16 : Season Specials : Bang, Who is Too Overbearing (aired on 03/25/2016)

After the events of episode 7, Bang begins to spy on Saitama and Genos to gauge their abilities.…

S01E17 : Season Specials : The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things Happening (aired on 04/22/2016)

During a coincidental train ride, Genos and Fubuki are put to the test when an anti-Hero…

S01E18 : Episode 18 (aired on 05/27/2016)

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