Season 1

One-Punch Man is a super hero who has trained so hard that his hair has fallen out, and who can overcome any enemy with one punch. However, because he is so strong, he has become bored and frustrated with winning all his battles so easily.

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S01E01 : The Strongest Man 9.2/10 (aired on 10/04/2015)

Saitama is a guy who’s a hero for fun. After saving a child from certain death, he decided to…

S01E02 : The Lone Cyborg 9.4/10 (aired on 10/11/2015)

A monster is moving toward City Z, one that has been created by the mysterious organization known…

S01E03 : The Obsessive Scientist 9.4/10 (aired on 10/18/2015)

The narration describes the story of Doctor Genus, brilliant young scientist with ideas of…

S01E04 : The Modern Ninja 9.3/10 (aired on 10/26/2015)

A group of battlesuit-clad terrorists called "The Paradisers" appears in City F, led by an enormous…

S01E05 : The Ultimate Master 9.5/10 (aired on 11/01/2015)

In episode 5 Saitama and Genos are finally going to become registered heroes, but first they have…

S01E06 : The Terrifying City 9.3/10 (aired on 11/08/2015)

It's been five days since Saitama became a professional hero and he has yet to do anything heroic.…

S01E07 : The Ultimate Disciple 9.5/10 (aired on 11/15/2015)

An enormous meteor hurtles toward City Z, forcing the Hero Association to ask its S Class heroes to…

S01E08 : The Deep Sea King 9.5/10 (aired on 11/22/2015)

A pack of monsters calling themselves the "Clan of the Seafolk" arrive on the shores of City J…

S01E09 : Unyielding Justice 9.7/10 (aired on 11/29/2015)

The Deep Sea King has defeated every hero who opposed him with ease. Genos is preparing to attack…

S01E10 : Unparalleled Peril 9.5/10 (aired on 12/06/2015)

Saitama tags along to an emergency meeting of Class S heroes and discovers that a seer has foretold…

S01E11 : The Dominator of the Universe 9.6/10 (aired on 12/13/2015)

As a colossal spaceship floats in the skies above City A, a member of its monstrous crew battles on…

S01E12 : The Strongest Hero 9.8/10 (aired on 12/20/2015)

The inconceivably powerful Lord Boros has traveled untold distances in search of someone who can…

S01E13 : Season Specials : The Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close (aired on 12/24/2015)

After the battle with Mosquito Girl, Genos tails Saitama as he goes about his daily life in the…

S01E14 : Season Specials : The Pupil Who Is an Extremely Poor Talker (aired on 01/29/2016)

After spending some time together in a communal bath, Saitama gives Genos a key to their apartment…

S01E15 : Season Specials : The Ninja Who is Too Complicated (aired on 02/24/2016)

After the events of episode 4, Sonic finds himself troubled that he cannot fight properly after his…

S01E16 : Season Specials : Bang, Who is Too Overbearing (aired on 03/25/2016)

After the events of episode 7, Bang begins to spy on Saitama and Genos to gauge their abilities.…

S01E17 : Season Specials : The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things Happening (aired on 04/22/2016)

During a coincidental train ride, Genos and Fubuki are put to the test when an anti-Hero…

S01E18 : Episode 18 (aired on 05/27/2016)

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