The Deep Sea King has defeated every hero who opposed him with ease. Genos is preparing to attack while Licenseless-Rider and Saitama rush to the evacuation shelter, where the battle continues.

Aired on 11/29/2015
24 :
9.7/10 • 1603 voting

One-Punch Man • S01E09
Makoto Furukawa Makoto FurukawaSaitama (voice)
Robbie Daymond Robbie DaymondMumen Rider (voice)
Ben LepleyAmai Mask (voice)
Brian AndersonAttendant (voice)
Rich BrownCitizens (voice)
Chris CasonHero Association Commissioner (voice)
Ray ChasePuri Puri Prisoner (voice)
Sara CravensHero Association Commissioner (voice)
Marc DiraisonBearded Worker (voice)
Barbara Goodson Barbara GoodsonShibabawa (voice)
Todd Haberkorn Todd HaberkornPudgy Guy (voice)
Lex Lang Lex LangCitizens (voice)
Erik Scott KimererSpeed-O'-Sound Sonic (voice)
Kyle Hebert Kyle HebertBespectacled Worker (voice)
Xanthe HuynhGirl (voice)
Xander MobusCitizens (voice)
Arnie Pantoja Arnie PantojaCitizens (voice)
Zeno RobinsonCitizens (voice)
Bill RogersCitizens (voice)
Jamieson Price Jamieson PriceHero Association Commissioner (voice)
Patrick Seitz Patrick SeitzHero Association Commissioner (voice)
Ben Pronsky Ben PronskyLightning Max (voice)
Keith SilversteinDeep Sea King (voice)
Christopher Corey SmithHero Association Commissioner (voice)
Abby TrottBoy (voice)
Landon McDonaldAdditional Voices (voice)
Christina N. McBrideAdditional Voices (voice)
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