Ouro Verde (2017)

Zé Maria Magalhães is an innocent young man who, suddenly, sees his dreams and family destroyed by a man's greed: Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca, a powerful banker. For 15 years, Zé Maria is forced to remain hidden, in a life of lies, in another country, imprisoned by the memories of the past, having to assume a new identity. Today, he is a great farmer, owner of the Ouro Verde empire, known as Jorge Monforte, and has become one of the richest men in Brazil. The course of time only fueled his desire for revenge, making him lose the sense of right and wrong and the ability to love. Fifteen years later, he returns to Portugal, ready to avenge the past and destroy Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca.

TV series created in 2017 by Maria João Costa.
The show consists of 1 season and 221 episodes.




Diogo Morgado Diogo Morgado
Zé Maria Magalhães / Jorge Monforte
Manuela Couto Manuela Couto
Amanda Nascimento
Ana Sofia Martins
Vera Andrade
Rodrigo Paganelli
Salvador Ferreira da Fonseca
Nuno Homem de Sá
Otelo Monteiro
Nuno Pardal
António Ferreira da Fonseca
Úrsula Corona Úrsula Corona
Valéria de Scarpa
Mafalda Marafusta Mafalda Marafusta
Cátia Sampaio
Fernando Pires
Gonçalo Santiago
Dina Félix da Costa
Rita Ferreira da Fonseca
Dylan Miguel
Henrique Silva
Gonçalo Oliveira
Guilherme Simões
Ema Melo
Sol Santiago
Sofia Franco
Nadine Santos
Sofia Nicholson
Judite Sampaio
Daniela Melchior Daniela Melchior
Cláudia Andrade
Vítor D'Andrade
Lúcio Sampaio
Sofia Grillo
Paula Sampaio
Fredy Costa
Tiago Andrade
Inês Nunes
David/Catarina Nascimento
Zezé Motta Zezé Motta
D. Nénem
Sílvia Pfeifer Sílvia Pfeifer
Mónica Ferreira da Fonseca
Bruno Cabrerizo
Laurentino da Silva
Joana de Verona Joana de Verona
Bia Ferreira da Fonseca
Gracindo Júnior Gracindo Júnior
Januário Cavalcantti
Luís Esparteiro
Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca
Júlia Palha
Sancha Ferreira da Fonseca
Sofia Escobar
Inês Santiago
Susana Arrais
Jéssica Andrade
Adriano Toloza
Eduardo "Edu"
Pedro Carvalho Pedro Carvalho
Tomás Ferreira da Fonseca
Rui Mendes
José Ferreira da Fonseca
Diogo Branco
Sérgio Sampaio
José Wallenstein José Wallenstein
Joaquim Fernandes
Ângelo Torres Ângelo Torres
Padre Sebastião
Pedro Lamares
Francisco Dias Pimentel
Pedro Hossi
Hadjalmar "Hadja" Andrade

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  • Original title

    Ouro Verde

  • Type

    TV series

  • Episodes

    1 Season • 221 Episodes

  • Rating

    7.27/10 (66 voting)

  • Popularity : 100%

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