Cocytus gives a declaration of war to all the tribes of the Lizardmen, expecting an easy takeover. However, the Lizardmen decide to try to unite their tribes against their common foe.

Aired on 01/16/2018

Overlord • S02E02
Satoshi Hino Satoshi HinoMomonga/Ains Ooal Gown (Voice)
Yumi Hara Yumi HaraAlbedo (Voice)
Sumire Uesaka Sumire UesakaShalltear Bloodfallen (Voice)
Manami Numakura Manami NumakuraNarberal Gamma (Voice)
Ayane Sakura Ayane SakuraSolution Epsilon (Voice)
Aoi Yuki Aoi YukiClementine (Voice)
Akeno Watanabe Akeno WatanabeVirtuous King of the Forest (Voice)
Ayumu Murase Ayumu MuraseNfirea Bareare (Voice)
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