Perry Mason

There are few actors so closely tied to a persona than Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. This long-running series was built upon Erle Stanley Gardner´s many novels about a brilliant defense lawyer and his staff, that solved many a crime with surprise witnesses and stern cross-examinations.It was the first mystery series to feature chalk or tape outlines to mark the spots where bodies were found. Filmed almost exclusively in the Los Angeles area, Raymond Burr had Gardner's seal of approval in the role. The cases were usually won by way of pivotal confessions of witnesses, solicited by Perry Mason (Burr's) surgeon-like examination or with last-minute, key evidence brought into the courtroom by private investigator, Paul Drake (William Hopper). Della Street (Barbara Hale), Perry´s faithful secretary, was always at Perry's side in the courtroom where hapless Hamilton Burger (William Tallman) was the Los Angeles District Attorney who never seemed to win. As to the myth that Perry Mason never lost, there were 2 episodes where it did occur... but you'll have to watch to find out.The show was revived in 1973-74, with other actors in the familiar roles (Monte Markham as Mason), and then again with the some of the original cast, in a string of feature length TV films from 1985 until Raymond Burr´s death in 1993.

TV series created in 1970 by Erle Stanley Gardner.
The show consists of 9 seasons and 271 episodes.


S03E06 : The Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma 9/10 (131 voting)


S06E09 : The Case of the Weary Watchdog 9/10 (98 voting)


S07E04 : The Case of the Deadly Verdict 8.9/10 (122 voting)



Raymond Burr Raymond Burr
Perry Mason
Barbara Hale Barbara Hale
Della Street
William Hopper William Hopper
Paul Drake
William Talman William Talman
Hamilton Burger
Ray Collins Ray Collins
Lt. Tragg
Wesley Lau Wesley Lau
Lt. Andy Anderson
Lee Miller
Sgt. Brice
George E. Stone George E. Stone
Court Clerk
Don Anderson
Courtroom Spectator
Robert Wegner
Courtroom Spectator
S. John Launer S. John Launer
Kenneth MacDonald Kenneth MacDonald
Bert Stevens Bert Stevens
Courtroom Spectator
Michael Fox Michael Fox
Autopsy Surgeon
Pitt Herbert
Autopsy Surgeon
Jack Gargan Jack Gargan
Court Clerk
Jon Lormer Jon Lormer
Autopsy Surgeon
Ralph Brooks
Courtroom Spectator
H.M. Wynant H.M. Wynant
Deputy D.A. Sampson
Karl Held
David Gideon
Chuck Hamilton
Court Bailiff
Les Tremayne Les Tremayne
Bernard Daniels
Dabbs Greer Dabbs Greer
Bill Cotton
Frank Wilcox Frank Wilcox
Richard Anderson Richard Anderson
Lt. Steve Drumm
Willis Bouchey Willis Bouchey
Erle Stanley GardnerCreator
Erle Stanley GardnerNovel
Ben BradyProducer
Seeleg LesterAssociate Producer
Sam WhiteAssociate Producer
Jackson GillisAssociate Producer
Bernard L. KowalskiProducer
Jerry HopperProducer
László BenedekProducer
William D. RussellProducer
Jesse HibbsProducer
Christian NybyProducer
Herbert HirschmanProducer

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