May is preparing for her third contest, and is nervous about entering, despite her Skitty's confidence. Meanwhile Kimimaro (the Phantom Co-ordinator from the previous ep) escapes from his mother and shows up to enter as well with his Dusclops, while Jessie from Team Rocket enters with her Dustox again. When the contest starts, while Kimimaro and Jessie are able to get off good opening appeals, May's Skitty has trouble with it's newly-learnt Blizzard and ends up getting a lower score than the two, making her think she won't progress to the battle rounds. Meanwhile, Kimimaro's mother has discovered where he is and is on her way to the contest to remove her son...

Aired on 02/05/2004
22 :
6.53/10 • 46 voting

Pokémon • S07E22
Ikue Otani Ikue OtaniPikachu
Fábio Lucindo Fábio LucindoAsh
Kunihiko YuyamaDirector