The gang are now back on the road to the Petalburg City Gym so Ash can battle Norman for his fifth badge, but before long the gang get thirsty and decide to look for water. During the search, Brock's Lotad accidentally falls down a well. After being recovered, Lotad surprises everyone by evolving into Lombre. Soon, Lombre is approached by a woman requiring Lombre's help chasing a Solrock the gang encontered earlier out of her town so the recent drought will end.

Aired on 02/12/2004
22 :
6.43/10 • 44 voting

Pokémon • S07E23
Ikue Otani Ikue OtaniPikachu
Fábio Lucindo Fábio LucindoAsh
Kunihiko YuyamaDirector