A meteor falls from the sky the and lands on Earth. The PMC hear this and go out to check the meteor. They build a machine and blast the meteor with a missile to get samples. The meteor starts to glow and a Lunatone comes out of it. They try to catch the Lunatone but it stuns them with its Psychic powers and escapes to a town neary. Meanwhile Ash and Co. have arrived in the same town Lunatone went to. While Team Rocket heard the meteor and are in the bushes thinking to get the meteor and give it to Giovanni...

Aired on 07/29/2004
22 :
6.72/10 • 44 voting

Pokémon • S07E47
Shin-ichiro Miki Shin-ichiro MikiJames (Voice)
Megumi Hayashibara Megumi HayashibaraJessie (Voice)
Rica Matsumoto Rica MatsumotoAsh Ketchum (Voice)
Fábio Lucindo Fábio LucindoAsh
Ikue Otani Ikue OtaniPikachu (Voice)
Kunihiko YuyamaDirector