Season 18

Ash and Pikachu continue their epic journey in the next exciting season of Pokémon the Series: XY! While Ash continues his quest to win eight Gym badges so he can enter the Kalos League, he and his traveling companions will make new friends, forge new rivalries, and, of course, meet some brand-new Pokémon! Serena, with her partner Fennekin and new friend Pancham, will take on the Pokémon Showcase world; Clemont will continue to create inventions and hope some of them are a hit; and Bonnie, as ever, will try to find someone to take care of her big brother!

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S18E01 : Alola to New Adventure! 6.9/10 (aired on 11/17/2016)

While on vacation in the Alola region, Ash and Pikachu discovers and enrolls in the island Pokemon…

S18E02 : The Guardian's Challenge! 6.37/10 (aired on 11/17/2016)

Ash and Pikachu have decided to enroll in the Pokémon School. One day, their classmates decide to…

S18E03 : Loading the Dex! 7.44/10 (aired on 11/24/2016)

Professor Kukui gives Ash an intelligent Rotom Pokédex that is capable of human speech. Ash goes to…

S18E04 : First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style! 7.83/10 (aired on 11/24/2016)

Ash is on the verge of catching his first pokemon, as team rocket stoops in to ruin the day

S18E05 : Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio! 7.13/10 (aired on 12/01/2016)

Ash’s class is going on a fishing trip, and Professor Kukui asks Lana to be in charge! Everyone…

S18E06 : A Shocking Grocery Run! 6.9/10 (aired on 12/08/2016)

On their day off from Pokémon School, Ash and his Pokémon are left home alone when Professor Kukui…

S18E07 : That's Why Litten Is a Scamp! 7.42/10 (aired on 12/15/2016)

Ash offers a piece of his sandwich to a wild Litten, but it grabs the whole thing and runs off!…

S18E08 : Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge! 7.35/10 (aired on 12/22/2016)

Principal Oak assigns Ash’s class a special project: taking care of a Pokémon Egg. They soon…

S18E09 : To Top a Totem! 7.51/10 (aired on 01/05/2017)

Hala asks Ash how to keep Alolan Rattata and Raticate from overrunning the town. With his…

S18E10 : Trial and Tribulation! 7.67/10 (aired on 01/19/2017)

Ash faces off against Kahuna Hala in his first grand trial! His Rowlet defeats Hala’s Crabrawler,…

S18E11 : Young Kiawe Had a Farm! 7.38/10 (aired on 01/19/2017)

On their day off from school, Ash joins Kiawe and his Charizard on their route, delivering fresh…

S18E12 : The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair! 7.08/10 (aired on 01/26/2017)

Team Rocket has been living in the lap of lazy luxury thanks to Bewear...but a wake-up call from…

S18E13 : Racing to a Big Event 5.75/10 (aired on 02/02/2017)

Tune in to Disney XD every Saturday morning to watch all-new Pokémon episodes! New episodes of…

S18E14 : The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! 7.35/10 (aired on 02/09/2017)

Clemont and the others arrive at the Kalos Power Plant and discover Team Rocket is manipulating the…

S18E15 : A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways! 7.75/10 (aired on 02/23/2017)

Jessie and Wobbuffet are separated from James and Meowth after being sent flying by Pikachu's…

S18E16 : Battling with Elegance And a Big Smile! 7.42/10 (aired on 03/02/2017)

Pancham and Fennekin start fighting while training with Serena for their next Pokémon Showcase, and…

S18E17 : Good Friends, Great Training! (aired on 03/09/2017)

Ash reunites with Tierno and decides to prepare for his Lumiose Gym match by challenging his friend…

S18E18 : Confronting the Darkness! (aired on 03/16/2017)

Ash and the others arrive in Lumiose City and reunite with Clemont and discover that a mad…

S18E19 : The Moment of Lumiose Truth! (aired on 03/23/2017)

Ash and Clemont finally begin their promised Gym battle at the Prism Tower and show off their…

S18E20 : Garchomp's Mega Bond! (aired on 04/06/2017)

Ash and the others visit Professor Sycamore to observe his experiment with a Key Stone and a Mega…

S18E21 : Defending the Homeland! 8.17/10 (aired on 04/06/2017)

Ash and his friends meet a man named Keanan while on their way to Laverre City and they learn about…

S18E22 : Beyond the Rainbow! 5.87/10 (aired on 04/13/2017)

Team Rocket deceives Florges into an alliance and then double crosses it when they attempt to drain…

S18E23 : So You're Having a Bad Day! 5.79/10 (aired on 04/20/2017)

After an ambush by Team Rocket and a group of Pangoro, the gang gets separated from each other and…

S18E24 : Scary Hospitality! (aired on 04/27/2017)

Ash and his friends find themselves lost in the forest and happen upon a creepy house of folklore.…

S18E25 : A Fashionable Battle! (aired on 05/04/2017)

Ash and his friends finally arrive in Laverre City and immediately head over to the Gym only to…

S18E26 : Fairy-Type Trickery! (aired on 05/11/2017)

Ash challenges Valerie to a battle for the Fairy Badge and finds that appearances aren't everything…

S18E27 : Rivals: Today and Tomorrow! (aired on 05/18/2017)

Before parting ways, Ash and Sawyer decide to have a three on three battle where the former helps…

S18E28 : A Not-So-Flying-Start! (aired on 05/25/2017)

The gang helps a newly hatched Noibat learn how to fly, but Team Rocket tries to take it for…

S18E29 : A Relay in the Sky! (aired on 06/08/2017)

While training Noibat to fly, Ash and the gang learn about a competition called the Pokémon Sky…

S18E30 : Lights! Camera! Pika! 7.74/10 (aired on 06/15/2017)

Ash and his friends arrive at a village, where they meet a group of Pikachu and their owners, Frank…

S18E31 : A Frenzied Factory Fiasco! 7/10 (aired on 06/22/2017)

When Ash and his friends arrive at a factory where workers make Poké Balls, Team Rocket appears in…

S18E32 : Performing with Fiery Charm! 6.96/10 (aired on 06/29/2017)

The time has come for Serena's second Pokémon Showcase. Only this time, she faces a tougher…

S18E33 : Rotom's Wish! 7.09/10 (aired on 07/06/2017)

Ash and the others spend the night at a run-down hotel and find it under the control of a gang of…

S18E34 : A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? 6.91/10 (aired on 07/20/2017)

Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket arrive at a costume festival to have fun. During the festivities,…

S18E35 : Over the Mountain of Snow! 6.82/10 (aired on 07/27/2017)

While continuing on their next adventure, Ash and his friends ride on Mamoswine through the hills…

S18E36 : Adventures in Running Errands! 7.36/10 (aired on 08/03/2017)

When a Pokémon Center suddenly loses power, Clemont sends Chespin and Bunnelby on an errand to pick…

S18E37 : Mending a Broken Spirit! 7.28/10 (aired on 08/10/2017)

When Braixen accidentally breaks her branch while practicing for the next Pokémon Showcase, Serena…

S18E38 : A Legendary Photo Op! 6.45/10 (aired on 08/17/2017)

Ash and the gang reunite with Trevor. He explains his interest in snapping a picture of the…

S18E39 : The Tiny Caretaker! 6.9/10 (aired on 08/24/2017)

When Team Rocket tries and fails to capture a Tyrunt, Ash and the gang help to protect it.

S18E40 : A Trip Down Memory Train! 7.09/10 (aired on 08/31/2017)

After defeating Team Rocket, Clemont and Bonnie tell Ash and Serena a story of how they first met…

S18E41 : A Frolicking Find in the Flowers! 6.91/10 (aired on 09/07/2017)

Serena finds an Eevee who loves dancing and performing, but it turns out to be shy and afraid of…

S18E42 : Tag Team Battle Inspiration! 8.28/10 (aired on 09/14/2017)

While Serena helps her newly captured Eevee, Tierno and Shauna, along with their newly evolved…

S18E43 : A Performance Pop Quiz! 8.66/10 (aired on 09/21/2017)

The time has come for Serena's third Pokémon Showcase. Serena gets ready to begin her next…

S18E44 : Cloudy Fate, Bright Future! (aired on 10/05/2017)

With the Showcase a success for Serena, Ash and his friends continue their visit to Anistar City…

S18E45 : All Eyes on the Future! (aired on 10/12/2017)

The time for Ash's Gym Battle has finally arrived. He gets prepared to win his next Gym Badge.

S18E46 : Episode 46 (aired on 10/19/2017)


S18E47 : Episode 47 (aired on 10/26/2017)


S18E48 : Episode 48 (aired on 11/02/2017)


S18E49 : Episode 49 (aired on 11/09/2017)


S18E50 : Episode 50 (aired on 11/16/2017)


S18E51 : Episode 51 (aired on 11/23/2017)


S18E52 : Episode 52 (aired on 11/30/2017)


S18E53 : Episode 53 (aired on 12/07/2017)


S18E54 : Episode 54 (aired on 12/14/2017)


S18E55 : Episode 55 (aired on 12/21/2017)


S18E56 : Episode 56 (aired on 12/28/2017)


S18E57 : Episode 57 (aired on 01/11/2018)


S18E58 : Episode 58 (aired on 01/18/2018)


S18E59 : Episode 59 (aired on 01/25/2018)


S18E60 : Episode 60 (aired on 02/01/2018)


S18E61 : Episode 61 (aired on 02/08/2018)


S18E62 : Episode 62 (aired on 02/15/2018)