Season 21

When Ash sees the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala in a dream, he makes a promise to them. But when he wakes up, he can’t remember what it was! Will the strange Pokémon called Nebby help jog his memory? Along with their new friend and the rest of the students at the Pokémon School, Ash and Pikachu explore the Aether Foundation, an organization dedicated to Pokémon conservation and care. But it may not be as innocent as it seems, and Ash and his friends will have to work together to protect the people and Pokémon they care about as they face a mysterious power like nothing they have ever seen.

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S21E01 : A Dream Encounter! (aired on 10/05/2017)

After dreaming that he made a promise to the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala, Ash has a hard…

S21E02 : Now You See Them, Now You Don't! (aired on 10/12/2017)

The Pokémon School class is sculpting with clay today! But while our heroes muse about various…

S21E03 : Deceiving Appearances! (aired on 10/19/2017)

Our heroes visit Aether Paradise, part of the Aether Foundation run by Lillie’s mother, Lusamine.…

S21E04 : A Masked Warning! (aired on 10/26/2017)

When Ash gives Lycanroc a bath, an accidental splash of dirty water unleashes Lycanroc’s…

S21E05 : Night of A Thousand Poses! (aired on 11/02/2017)

Our heroes are having a sleepover at Professor Kukui’s house, and Professor Burnet agrees to join…

S21E06 : Mission: Total Recall! (aired on 11/09/2017)

After accidentally seeing Gladion and coming face-to-face with Silvally, Lillie is once again…

S21E07 : Faba's Revenge! (aired on 11/16/2017)

Lillie can touch Pokémon again! While our heroes celebrate, a disgraced Faba is determined to prove…

S21E08 : Family Determination! (aired on 11/23/2017)

Our heroes are in shock after Lusamine’s disappearance through an Ultra Wormhole, and they want to…

S21E09 : Revealing the Stuff of Legend! (aired on 11/30/2017)

Our heroes are all gathered at the Altar of the Sunne, along with all four of Alola’s Island…

S21E10 : Rescuing the Unwilling! (aired on 12/07/2017)

Our heroes have made it through the Ultra Wormhole, but when they find the captured Lusamine,…

S21E11 : 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight! (aired on 12/14/2017)

Our heroes are battling hard against a group of mind-controlled Pokémon, and Lusamine is still…

S21E12 : The Professors' New Adventure! (aired on 12/21/2017)

Following their journey through the Ultra Wormhole, our heroes return to the Pokémon School, where…

S21E13 : Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie! (aired on 12/28/2017)

Our heroes are curious about the origins (and sleep habits) of Principal Samson Oak’s partner…

S21E14 : The Dex Can't Help It! (aired on 01/11/2018)

Rotom Dex is excited to house-sit while Ash and the professors go shopping. But chaos ensues when a…

S21E15 : Fighting Back The Tears! (aired on 01/18/2018)

After a day of shopping, Team Rocket encounters Mareanie’s first love and mentor, a Mareanie that…

S21E16 : Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet! (aired on 01/25/2018)

When Harper and Sarah tell Lana that a Pokémon saved them after they got lost in the woods, Mallow…

S21E17 : Getting a Jump on the Competition! (aired on 02/01/2018)

The Pokémon School students, Professor Kukui, and Kahuna Hala are visiting Mount Lanakila on…

S21E18 : A Mission of Ultra Urgency! (aired on 02/08/2018)

Lusamine gives our heroes their first assignment as members of the Ultra Guardians: catch an Ultra…

S21E19 : Acting True to Form! (aired on 02/15/2018)

When Team Rocket encounters an Alolan Meowth, Jessie and James admire its clever demeanor—but our…

S21E20 : Pushing the Fiery Envelope! (aired on 02/22/2018)

The mysterious Masked Royal and his partner Incineroar star in the Battle Royal, an Alolan…

S21E21 : Episode 21 (aired on 03/01/2018)


S21E22 : Turning Heads and Training Hard! (aired on 03/08/2018)

There’s plenty of excitement at the Pokémon School when Ilima, one of its most skilled graduates,…

S21E23 : Smashing with Sketch! (aired on 03/15/2018)

Our heroes are learning all about Pokémon Ping-Pong, with Pokémon School graduate Ilima showing…

S21E24 : Love at First Twirl! (aired on 03/22/2018)

One day during class, Poipole appears at the school and lures Pikachu away while Ash and the others…

S21E25 : Real Life...Inquire Within! (aired on 04/05/2018)

Ash is on his way to the Pokémon Center with Pikachu, Rotom and Poipole for the school's work…

S21E26 : Rise and Shine, Starship! (aired on 04/12/2018)

Sophocles is out camping with his parents and Pokémon at Bamboo Hill when he finds a strange…

S21E27 : The Young Flame Strikes Back! (aired on 04/19/2018)

Kiawe and his family are doing their daily chores when a limousine comes roaring up and a large…

S21E28 : Dewpider Ascending! (aired on 04/26/2018)

On Melemele Island, a wild Dewpider leaves its nest in search of its own pond to call home. Along…

S21E29 : Sours for the Sweet! (aired on 04/26/2018)

The annual Alola Bread Festival is coming up, and Mallow’s brother Ulu has unexpectedly returned…

S21E30 : Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime? (aired on 05/03/2018)

After James’s Mareanie masters a Dark-type move, Team Rocket realizes that they can finally take…

S21E31 : Tough Guy Trials! (aired on 05/10/2018)

Ash can’t contain his excitement as he arrives on Ula’ula Island for his next grand trial. But…

S21E32 : Some Kind of Laziness! (aired on 05/17/2018)

Thanks to Acerola’s help, Ash arrives at the Ruins of Abundance, home of the Ula’ula Island…

S21E33 : A Battle Hand-Off! (aired on 05/24/2018)

Ash has been training hard, preparing for his rematch against Nanu on Ula’ula Island. But when he…

S21E34 : Guiding an Awakening! (aired on 05/31/2018)

With his pre-trial successfully behind him, Ash is finally ready to take the Ula’ula Island grand…

S21E35 : Twirling With a Bang! (aired on 06/07/2018)

Ash is back on Melemele Island, watching a fireworks display with his Pokémon School classmates.…

S21E36 : Showering the World With Love! (aired on 06/14/2018)

Ash and his Pokémon School friends visit Hokulani Observatory to view a meteor shower. But these…

S21E37 : Not Caving Under Pressure! (aired on 06/28/2018)

On their way to the ferry back to Melemele Island, our heroes take a shortcut through a cave. They…

S21E38 : A Young Royal Flame Ignites! (aired on 07/05/2018)

Another exciting Battle Royal is under way! It’s the Masked Royal versus the Revengers, a battle…

S21E39 : All They Want to Do Is Dance, Dance! (aired on 07/19/2018)

Professor Kukui has a new assignment for his class: teaching their Pokémon to dance! The students…

S21E40 : Dummy, You Shrunk the Kids! (aired on 07/26/2018)

The Pokémon School has a visiting teacher: Faba! When he shows off his invention that can reduce…

S21E41 : The Shape of Love to Come! (aired on 08/02/2018)

While out shopping, Ash meets a talented artist named Mina, whose partner Ribombee has an amazing…

S21E42 : The Long Vault Home! (aired on 08/09/2018)

While practicing their vaulting skills during gym class, Ash and friends compete to see who can…

S21E43 : I Choose Paradise! (aired on 08/16/2018)

The Ultra Guardians are beside themselves with excitement, as Lusamine has booked them a day at the…

S21E44 : Filling the Light with Darkness! (aired on 08/23/2018)

Professors Kukui and Burnet have a hard time getting up in the morning, and when Ash gets to…

S21E45 : Full Moon and Many Arms! (aired on 08/30/2018)

The Ultra Guardians spring into action to protect Lunala from the mysterious creature who has…

S21E46 : The Prism Between Light and Darkness! (aired on 09/06/2018)

After the mysterious creature known as UB Black absorbs Solgaleo and retreats into an Ultra…

S21E47 : Securing the Future! (aired on 09/13/2018)

The Ultra Guardians, along with Faba and Professor Kukui, are attempting to return The Blinding One…

S21E48 : Episode 48 (aired on 09/20/2018)


S21E49 : Episode 49 (aired on 09/27/2018)


S21E50 : Episode 50 (aired on 10/04/2018)


S21E51 : Episode 51 (aired on 10/11/2018)


S21E52 : Episode 52 (aired on 10/18/2018)


S21E53 : Episode 53 (aired on 10/25/2018)


S21E54 : Episode 54 (aired on 10/31/2018)


S21E55 : Episode 55 (aired on 11/08/2018)


S21E56 : Episode 56 (aired on 11/15/2018)


S21E57 : Episode 57 (aired on 11/22/2018)


S21E58 : Episode 58 (aired on 11/29/2018)


S21E59 : Episode 59 (aired on 12/06/2018)


S21E60 : Episode 60 (aired on 12/13/2018)


S21E61 : Episode 61 (aired on 12/20/2018)


S21E62 : Episode 62 (aired on 12/27/2018)