The Chillyfish monster puts Terra Venture on ice, trying to freeze the Lights Of Orion out of hiding, and thus putting everyone to sleep via the wave of cold. Leo manages to avoid slumberland, thanks to Mike's dogtags. Upon noticing the animals on the colony are immune to the freeze-darts, he tries to wrangle a very wild and stubborn horse he's had problems getting along with prior in an effort to keep up with the equally horse-riding Chillyfish. Meanwhile, Magna Defender uses the situation to seek out the Orion lights himself.

Aired on 04/17/1999

Power Rangers • S07E11
William ShewfeltBrody Romero
Peter Sudarso Peter SudarsoPreston Tien
Nico GreethamCalvin Maxwell
Zoe RobinsHayley Foster
Chrysti AneSarah Thompson
Kelson Henderson Kelson HendersonMick Kanic
Byron Coll Byron CollRedbot (voice)
Jacque DrewMadame Odius (voice)
Marissa StottBadonna (voice)
Campbell CooleyCosmo Royale (voice)
Daryl HabrakenNarrator (voice)
Haim SabanExecutive Producer
Haim SabanCreator
Noam KanielMusic
Mark HarrisStunt Coordinator
Judd LynnExecutive Producer
Joel AndrycCo-Producer
Brian CasentiniExecutive Producer
Nicholas VarleyAdditional Music
Pierre DesmontTheme Song Performance
Charli LazarusScript Coordinator
Judd LynnStory Editor
Shun YamashitaStunts
Ai WadasakiStunts
Ryosuke MombayashiStunts
Masaaki NittaStunts
Satoru OgiwaraStunts
Daisuke KadowakiStunts
Masafumi OishiStunts
Kohji MimuraStunts
Taran HowellStunts
Yokoyama KazuhiroStunt Coordinator