Season 22

Millions of years ago, an intergalactic bounty hunter named Sledge tried desperately to capture the 10 mysterious Energems, each capable of filling whomever possessed them with incredible powers. Keeper, the wise and ancient guardian of the Energems, entrusted each Energem to the Earth's mightiest beasts, the dinosaurs, for protection. Centuries later after the dinosaurs went extinct, some of the Energems were discovered by humans. Those who proved worthy gained the ability to morph into Power Rangers. But now, Sledge has returned and has vowed to capture the Energems at all costs. It is up to the Power Rangers Dino Charge to hunt down the rest of the Energems and defeat Sledge once and for all!

Season episodes list 22


S22E01 : Powers From the Past (aired on 02/07/2015)

Millions of years after the mysterious and powerful Energems were entrusted to the now extinct…

S22E02 : Past, Present and Fusion (aired on 02/14/2015)

A new teen finds his own Energem and joins Tyler and Shelby on their pilgrimage to the Dinosaur…

S22E03 : A Fool's Hour (aired on 02/21/2015)

Sledge arrives on Earth to confront Keeper and the Rangers. He gives them a deadline to return the…

S22E04 : Return of the Caveman (aired on 02/28/2015)

Chase tries to help Koda adapt to modern day technology after he struggles to learn how to ride…

S22E05 : Breaking Black (aired on 03/07/2015)

When a Maori fortune teller asks Chase for help guarding her shop from a potential thief, Chase is…

S22E06 : The Tooth Hurts (aired on 03/14/2015)

When faced with the fast-firing Cavity monster, Riley thinks Chase doesn't take the threat…

S22E07 : Let Sleeping Zords Lie (aired on 03/21/2015)

When Sledge’s monster stings the Anklyo Zord, Shelby must use her advanced dino knowledge to tame…

S22E08 : Double Ranger, Double Danger (aired on 04/04/2015)

When clone Rangers steal the real Rangers' irreplaceable tracking device, Fury learns the location…

S22E09 : When Logic Fails (aired on 08/22/2015)

The Maze monster, working with Fury, captures the Rangers until Riley's logical mind helps them…

S22E10 : The Royal Rangers (aired on 08/29/2015)

When the Rangers find the Gold Energem among the Royal Treasure, they decide to impersonate a…

S22E11 : Break Out (aired on 09/12/2015)

Koda and the Rangers battle to save an arrogant prince and the Gold Energem.

S22E12 : Knight After Knights (aired on 09/19/2015)

The Rangers must demonstrate their value to persuade their latest ally, the Gold Ranger, but find…

S22E13 : Sync or Swim (aired on 10/03/2015)

A fun rivalry between Tyler and Ivan becomes a problem when it interferes with the efforts of the…

S22E14 : True Black (aired on 10/10/2015)

When three Rangers become trapped in an underground tomb, it's a race against time for Chase to…

S22E15 : Rise of a Ranger (aired on 10/24/2015)

Prince Phillip discovers money can't buy the respect of an Energem when he embarks on his own quest…

S22E16 : No Matter How You Slice It (aired on 11/07/2015)

When one of Sledge's monsters manages to break the Rangers' bonds of friendship, it's up to Riley…

S22E17 : The Ghostest with the Mostest (aired on 10/17/2015)

When a monster kidnaps a Ranger and takes on their appearance during a Halloween party, Kendall…

S22E18 : World Famous (In New Zealand) (aired on 11/14/2015)

When one of Sledge's transport pods is spotted in New Zealand, the Rangers head to Auckland and are…

S22E19 : Deep Down Under (aired on 11/21/2015)

With the Purple Energem in hand, the Rangers race to find the Plesio Zord before Sledge can destroy…

S22E20 : Wishing for a Hero (aired on 11/28/2015)

While searching for a new Purple Ranger, the teens find all their personal wishes coming true in…

S22E21 : One More Energem (aired on 12/12/2015)

With two Energems in Sledge's possession, the Rangers and Kendall must take the fight to his ship…

S22E22 : Race to Rescue Christmas (aired on 12/05/2015)

When Poisandra steals Santa's computer, it's up to the Rangers to get it back before Christmas is…

S22E23 : Episode 23