Season 5

This is a list of episodes of QI, the BBC comedy panel game television show hosted by Stephen Fry. The dates in the lists are those of the BBC Two broadcasts. The episodes were also broadcast on BBC Four, generally a week earlier.

Season episodes list 5


S05E01 : Engineering 7.64/10 (aired on 09/21/2007)

Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Rob Brydon, Jimmy Carr and Bill Bailey discuss quite interesting topics…

S05E02 : Electricity 7.76/10 (aired on 09/21/2007)

Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and guests Jo Brand, Sean Lock and Rich Hall tackle the quite interesting…

S05E03 : Eating 7.61/10 (aired on 09/28/2007)

Guests Jimmy Carr, Phill Jupitus and Johnny Vegas join Stephen Fry and Alan Davies in a Quite…

S05E04 : Exploration 7.68/10 (aired on 10/06/2007)

Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Rich Hall and Sean Lock join Stephen Fry in a quite interesting quiz…

S05E05 : Europe 7.29/10 (aired on 10/12/2007)

Alan Davies, Phill Jupitus, David Mitchell and Dara O Briain join Stephen Fry in a Quite…

S05E06 : Everything, etc. 7.61/10 (aired on 10/19/2007)

Alan Davies, Clive Anderson, Jeremy Clarkson and Vic Reeves join Stephen Fry in a Quite Interesting…

S05E07 : Espionage 7.44/10 (aired on 10/26/2007)

Alan Davies, Clive Anderson, Jo Brand and Vic Reeves are quizzed by Stephen Fry on Quite…

S05E08 : Eyes & Ears 7.79/10 (aired on 11/02/2007)

Alan Davies, Jimmy Carr, Phill Jupitus and David Mitchell this week discuss eyes and ears in a…

S05E09 : Entertainment 7.52/10 (aired on 11/09/2007)

Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Jo Brand and Jeremy Clarkson join Stephen Fry in this Children in Need…

S05E10 : England 7.26/10 (aired on 11/16/2007)

This episode of Stephen Fry's Quite Interesting quiz involves Alan Davies, Charlie Higson, Phill…

S05E11 : Endings 7.37/10 (aired on 11/23/2007)

Alan Davies, Jimmy Carr, Doon Mackichan and Dara Ó Briain this week talk about endings in this…

S05E12 : Empire 7.73/10 (aired on 12/07/2007)

In this Quite Interesting Christmas Special, Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Jo Brand and Sean Lock join…

S05E13 : Elephants 7.54/10 (aired on 12/14/2007)

Series E compilation show containing unseen footage from the previous episodes.