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S01E01 : The Cutest Little Thief! She Will Steal Your Heart! (aired on 10/12/1995)

A string of thefts convinces Asuka Jr. that Saint Tail is behind them.

S01E02 : Wonderful Rival: Asuka Jr. (aired on 10/13/1995)

A notice by Saint Tail to Asuka Jr. starts rumors of the two working together.

S01E03 : Meimi's Love! (aired on 10/19/1995)

Meimi plans to buy a hedgehog pet, only to have it purchased by someone with a devious plot for the…

S01E04 : I Hate Wedding Veils (aired on 10/26/1995)

To stop a forced wedding, Saint Tail must steal a wedding veil.

S01E05 : Episode 5 (aired on 11/02/1995)


S01E06 : New Student Rina. A Formidable Enemy (aired on 11/09/1995)

A new rival appears. Rina joins Asuka Jr. on his pursuit of Saint Tail.

S01E07 : A First Rendezvous of Tears?! (aired on 11/16/1995)

After Asuka Jr. receives a theft notice from Saint Tail, Rina takes over operations to capture her.

S01E08 : Danger! Beware of Lost Objects! (aired on 11/23/1995)

Rina finds baseball tickets dropped by Saint Tail, and Meimi searches for lost baseball tickets.…

S01E09 : Contest Hall in Chaos! (aired on 11/30/1995)

A wedding dress design is stolen. Saint Tail plans to take back the design during the wedding dress…

S01E10 : You... Confessed?? (aired on 12/07/1995)

Rina and Asuka Jr. make a deal: If Meimi is Saint Tail, Asuka Jr. must be Rina's boyfriend. If not,…

S01E11 : The Big Scoop! An Uproar at the School Festival (aired on 12/14/1995)

Sawatari from the school newspaper takes a photo to use out of context. Saint Tail plans to…

S01E12 : Surprise! The Large Lizard Santa Claus?! (aired on 12/21/1995)

A lost pet must be returned before its young owner moves away. An easy task for Saint Tail, until…

S01E13 : Mystical Princess Rosa's Mirror (aired on 01/11/1996)

A valuable mirror has been stolen and placed in an auction. Saint Tail intends to steal back this…

S01E14 : The Platform of Love and Tears (aired on 01/18/1996)

An American's bicycle has been stolen by a child. Asuka Jr. guards the boy's bike, awaiting Saint…

S01E15 : Run After a Jewel Thief! Litte, the Naughty Dog (aired on 01/25/1996)

A stuffed toy with a jewel hidden inside is accidentally sold, then taken by a homeless dog in the…

S01E16 : Steal the Chinese Iron Chef! (aired on 02/01/1996)

While Detective Asuka investigates a shady outfit, Saint Tail challenges to kidnap the Chinese Iron…

S01E17 : The Heart Thief on St. Valentine's Day?? (aired on 02/08/1996)

A misunderstanding leads Asuka Jr. to believe Saint Tail is out to steal classmate Tōru's heart,…

S01E18 : Danger, Do Not Touch! Super Electric Trap (aired on 02/22/1996)

Rina asks Asuka Jr. to a concert before Meimi is able to. On the same night as the concert, Saint…

S01E19 : A Comet Approaches! The Earth's Final Night?? (aired on 02/29/1996)

A young boy is moving, and this will be his only chance to see Graham's comet through a telescope,…

S01E20 : Get Back the Phantom Bird Egg! (aired on 03/07/1996)

Saint Tail must retrieve a stolen egg before its authenticity is checked.

S01E21 : Steal the Memorable Harmonica! (aired on 03/14/1996)

A memorable harmonica is stolen, and its owner cannot win the music competition without it.

S01E22 : The UFO Appears!? A Town in Panic (aired on 03/21/1996)

A fake photo of a UFO means big business for a museum. It's up to Saint Tail to retrieve the fake…

S01E23 : Unforgivable! The Bad Guys Destroy a House (aired on 03/28/1996)

A house is lost to a loan company, but all a young girl wants from it is her box of memories back.…

S01E24 : A Fake Calling card? The Secret of the Perfume Trap (aired on 03/28/1996)

A fake notice from Saint Tail sends Asuka Jr. to a flower house where perfume is made. Saint Tail…

S01E25 : A Strong Foe! Confronting Elite Detective (aired on 04/11/1996)

A master detective arrives to capture Saint Tail, which Saint Tail must retrieve a small statue for…

S01E26 : Meimi is Engaged to a Multi-Millionaire's Son!? (aired on 04/18/1996)

A rich young man encounters Meimi, and instantly falls in love. With the approval of Meimi's…

S01E27 : Steal the Jewel of the Moon! (aired on 05/02/1996)

A thief hopes to make amends for his past mistakes, but may return to a life of crime unless Saint…

S01E28 : Save the Pretty Idol Girl! (aired on 05/16/1996)

Proof of a popular idol girl's relationship is in the hands of a rival. She must give up an acting…

S01E29 : The Mayor's Ambition! Stealing a Swan (Part 1) (aired on 05/23/1996)

Rina tries to convince her uncle, the mayor, that Asuka Jr. has no plans on actually catching Saint…

S01E30 : The Mayor's Ambition! Stealing a Swan (Part 2) (aired on 06/06/1996)

Asuka Jr. follows after the stolen swan, only to find himself in the middle of a larger plot. When…

S01E31 : Her True Character Revealed! Meimi's Critical Moment (aired on 06/13/1996)

Sawatari takes a photo of Meimi playing with her hedgehog, Ruby, outside. Upon seeing the photo,…

S01E32 : Steal a Woman's Marathon Running Shoes (aired on 06/20/1996)

A marathon runner's efforts are being sabotaged. Her only chance to win is if Saint Tail steals…

S01E33 : A Swordswoman's Wish! To Seal the Excellent Sword (aired on 06/27/1996)

A wonderful blade is won through cheating, and Meimi vows to steal it back. Saint Tail encounters…

S01E34 : Return the Thoroughbred! (aired on 07/05/1996)

A horse has been taken, and is on a train to leave town. Saint Tail must take back the horse while…

S01E35 : Get Back the 'Tree of Happiness' (aired on 07/12/1996)

A gardener's only wish is to see a tree he healed be spared. With magic on her side, Saint Tail…

S01E36 : A Precious Creature of Nature: Save the Beautiful Butterfly! (aired on 07/19/1996)

Rare butterflies are illegally captured. After receiving a notice from Saint Tail, Asuka Jr. sets…

S01E37 : Phantasmal Masterpiece! A Woman Detective is Back (aired on 07/26/1996)

A detective returns to Japan to restore her family's honor, even if it means stealing. Saint Tail…

S01E38 : A Burst of Laughter! The Detective Team Does a Great Job (aired on 08/01/1996)

Classmates Kyoko and Ryoko form a detective team to capture Saint Tail before Asuka Jr. can. They…

S01E39 : White Dolphin' - Return to the Sea! (aired on 08/08/1996)

Meimi and Asuka Jr. spend time together at an aquarium, where they encounter a white dolphin meant…

S01E40 : Mom's Secret! A Female Thief's Vengeance (aired on 08/15/1996)

The secret behind Meimi's mother's past is revealed. Meimi hopes to steal back a jewel to close the…

S01E41 : A Formidable Foe!? A Mischievous Pixie's Trap! (aired on 08/22/1996)

A young fortune teller, Maju, uses her power to steal from her visitors. Saint Tail must retrieve…

S01E42 : Mom's Enemy! Rosemary's Conspiracy (aired on 09/05/1996)

Rumors are going around that Saint Tail has been stealing countless items. Asuka Jr. holds faith in…

S01E43 : The Final Battle! Save Asuka Jr. (aired on 09/12/1996)

Asuka Jr. has been missing, and Meimi fears he's been kidnapped. From his place of captivity, Asuka…
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