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S07E01 : Watch Me (aired on 10/05/2017)

One hundred days into Mellie’s presidency, Olivia Pope is proving she can run the world; but to…

S07E02 : Pressing the Flesh (aired on 10/12/2017)

President Mellie Grant hosts a state dinner for President Rashad of Bashran in a first step toward…

S07E03 : Day 101 (aired on 10/19/2017)

During the first 100 days of Mellie’s presidency, Fitz stays out of the limelight in Vermont where…

S07E04 : Lost Girls (aired on 10/26/2017)

While Liv is busy running the free world, the team at QPA works with an unexpected client to solve…

S07E05 : Adventures in Babysitting (aired on 11/02/2017)

Olivia and Mellie assert their power like never before; Cyrus works on congressional approval to…

S07E06 : Vampires and Bloodsuckers (aired on 11/09/2017)

The Gladiators gather to celebrate Quinn and Charlie's wedding day; Cyrus, Mellie, and Jake deal…

S07E07 : Something Borrowed (aired on 11/16/2017)

The first half of the epic final season ends with shocking revelations and jaw-dropping events that…

S07E08 : Robin (aired on 01/18/2018)

The fallout from Rowan’s desperate action affects Quinn's loved ones, including a guilt-ridden…

S07E09 : Good People (aired on 01/25/2018)

The harrowing events that transpired in Rowan’s basement are revealed, from the moment Quinn was…

S07E10 : The People v. Olivia Pope (aired on 02/01/2018)

When Olivia agrees to join Fitz in Vermont for what she thinks will be a relaxing getaway, she is…

S07E11 : Army of One (aired on 02/08/2018)

Mellie's plans to name Jake as her new chief of staff only propels Olivia to do whatever it takes…

S07E12 : Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself (aired on 03/01/2018)

Olivia, in the midst of moving on from the White House and gets an unexpected visitor — criminal…

S07E13 : Air Force Two (aired on 03/08/2018)

When Cyrus and David embark on a trip to Lisbon for the digital piracy summit, their plane is…

S07E14 : The List (aired on 03/15/2018)

After Air Force Two's extraordinary safe landing, Cyrus takes his victory lap as America's newest…

S07E15 : The Noise (aired on 03/29/2018)

When Charlie is taken into custody for the hijacking of Air Force Two, Quinn is faced with an…

S07E16 : People Like Me (aired on 04/05/2018)

On the heels of her commitment to turn over a new leaf, personal turmoil strikes Olivia once again…

S07E17 : Standing in the Sun (aired on 04/12/2018)

Cyrus and Jake’s mission to take the White House reaches a new level of deceit when Liv is called…

S07E18 : Over a Cliff (aired on 04/19/2018)

Series Finale.
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