Season 1

When a filthy rich video store magnate Johnny Rose, his soap star wife Moira, and their two kids - über-hipster son David and socialite daughter Alexis - suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to live in Schitt's Creek, a small, depressing town they once bought as a joke. With their pampered lives now abandoned, they must confront their new-found poverty and discover what it means to be a family, all within the rural city limits of their new home.

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S01E01 : The Cup Runneth Over 6.93/10 (aired on 01/13/2015)

After losing their fortune, the Rose family must relocate to their last remaining asset - a small…

S01E02 : The Drip 7.32/10 (aired on 01/13/2015)

Johnny must get permission to sell the town from its Mayor, Roland Schitt. David and Alexis spend a…

S01E03 : Don't Worry, It's His Sister 7.72/10 (aired on 01/20/2015)

Johnny tries to get a potentially offensive town sign taken down, while David is faced with the…

S01E04 : Bad Parents 7.64/10 (aired on 01/27/2015)

Johnny and Moira, feeling like they have failed as parents, try to get to know their grown…

S01E05 : The Cabin 8.01/10 (aired on 02/03/2015)

Looking for privacy, Johnny and Moira take the Mayor up on his offer of using his cabin for a…

S01E06 : Wine and Roses 7.65/10 (aired on 02/10/2015)

Moira is hired to be a local winery's spokesperson; David struggles with a health problem.

S01E07 : Turkey Shoot 7.93/10 (aired on 02/17/2015)

Following an incident where David is unable to kill an insect in his room, Stevie, as a joke,…

S01E08 : Allez Vous 7.65/10 (aired on 02/24/2015)

Moira and David try to earn money by selling cosmetics to the locals, while Johnny heads to Elmdale…

S01E09 : Carl's Funeral 7.76/10 (aired on 03/03/2015)

Johnny reluctantly agrees to speak at the funeral of a local man he doesn’t really know. Alexis…

S01E10 : Honeymoon 8.13/10 (aired on 03/10/2015)

Johnny and Moira go to Roland's Hawaiian party; Alexis and Ted host a dinner party; David and…

S01E11 : Little Sister 7.56/10 (aired on 03/17/2015)

Moira's estranged sister, Deedee, pays an unexpected visit, while David agrees to talk with one of…

S01E12 : Surprise Party 7.94/10 (aired on 03/24/2015)

Johnny tries to arrange a surprise birthday party for Moira. Things backfire when Moira,…

S01E13 : Town for Sale 8.04/10 (aired on 03/31/2015)

Johnny finds a potential buyer for the town, while David and Alexis discover they may have become…
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