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S03E01 : Hold on Loosely (aired on 07/08/2017)

When Freddy tells the band that his family is moving to Canada, they all work together to come up…

S03E02 : Do You Want to Know a Secret (aired on 07/15/2017)

When the band gets a new classmate who is unable to keep a secret, it threatens the future of the…

S03E03 : True Colors (aired on 07/22/2017)

The band decides to make a music video, but when Tomika and Freddy have different ideas about the…

S03E04 : Leader of the Band (aired on 07/29/2017)

An online review of the band labels Tomika as the leader, sparking a competition between the…

S03E05 : The Other Side of Summer (aired on 08/05/2017)

Summer has an identity crisis after getting her first B, and it is up to the band to make sure that…

S03E06 : Minimum Wage (aired on 08/12/2017)

Summer tries to get a job at her favorite store in the mall to earn money for a new phone, but the…

S03E07 : Heroes & Villains (aired on 11/18/2017)

After comic books get banned at school, Tomika decides to create her own comic, but accidentally…

S03E08 : Jingle Bell Rock (aired on 12/03/2017)

While Tomika and Summer try to get Kale into the school's Holiday pageant, Zack, Lawrence, and…

S03E09 : Kool Thing (aired on 01/07/2018)

Tomika goes to great lengths to prove she is cool to the new girl in school, eventually lying about…

S03E10 : Would I Lie to You? (aired on 01/14/2018)

Freddy writes a song about the band being so supportive, but they find it difficult to be honest…

S03E11 : Puppy Love (aired on 01/21/2018)

Tomika and Summer's friendship becomes strained when Summer starts to take care of the only…

S03E12 : Love Is a Battlefield (aired on 01/28/2018)

Tomika is inspired by the play, "Hamilton," to create her own hip-hop musical about the Alamo;…

S03E13 : A Matter of Trust (aired on 02/11/2018)

Summer takes pity on the band's nemesis, Justin from Night Lizard, after he falls on hard times,…

S03E14 : Don't Know What You Got ('Til It's Gone) (aired on 02/18/2018)

The band holds a rummage sale to raise money after their instruments get stolen; Tomika sells a…

S03E15 : Not Afraid (aired on 02/25/2018)

When School of Rock attempts to become the leading quinceanera band in Austin, everything seems to…

S03E16 : Surprise, Surprise (aired on 03/04/2018)

Freddy's decision to reveal his feelings for Summer backfires after his anonymous note leads to a…

S03E17 : We Gotta Get Out of This Place (aired on 03/11/2018)

Freddy looks for a response from Summer after telling her how he feels; the band agrees to help…

S03E18 : Photograph (aired on 03/18/2018)

The whole band works together to get Zack to look perfect for photo day, so he can finally have a…

S03E19 : I Love Rock and Roll: Part 1 (aired on 04/01/2018)

When Dewey's old band gets to play his dream venue at the Austin Music Festival, he is forced to…

S03E20 : I Love Rock and Roll: Part 2 (aired on 04/08/2018)

When Dewey's old band gets to play his dream venue at the Austin Music Festival, he is forced to…
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