Season 2

Emma returns to Lakewood after several months at a retreat, where she tried to recover from the horrors of last season. Everyone is walking on eggshells around her, questioning whether she has truly gotten over the Killer's crimes. Meanwhile, Audrey is hiding her connection to the Killer, but is getting harassed by someone who knows the truth. Brooke and Jake are also keeping secrets—they are hiding a budding romance from Mayor Maddox. And, Noah is getting closer and closer to the truth about the season one murders. Lakewood's murderous past, both recent and distant, are once again brought to focus – with this Killer's psychotic mind-game intent on bringing Lakewood's heroes down in a storm of betrayal and bloodshed.

Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : I Know What You Did Last Summer 8.18/10 (aired on 05/30/2016)

In the Season 2 premiere, Emma hopes she can move on with her life after returning to Lakewood, but…

S02E02 : Psycho 7.78/10 (aired on 06/06/2016)

Tension results when Maggie shares too much about Emma's past; Emma tries to control her fears when…

S02E03 : Vacancy 8.08/10 (aired on 06/13/2016)

Emma works through the implications of her father's return; a bloody gift proves Audrey's stalker…

S02E04 : Happy Birthday to Me 8.68/10 (aired on 06/20/2016)

Brooke is worried about Jake's sudden disappearance until a gift arrives in time for Kieran's…

S02E05 : Dawn of the Dead 8.68/10 (aired on 06/28/2016)

The death of a loved one hits everyone hard and GW High goes into lockdown; suspicions rise among…

S02E06 : Jeepers Creepers 8.38/10 (aired on 07/05/2016)

Emma starts to question her friendships when tensions rise between her and her friends. Meanwhile,…

S02E07 : Let the Right One In 8.18/10 (aired on 07/12/2016)

Eli takes Emma on a criminal adventure while Noah’s relationship with Zoe escalates and the Killer…

S02E08 : Village of the Damned 8.09/10 (aired on 07/19/2016)

The killer forces Emma through deadly games during the Lakewood carnival and Brooke launches an…

S02E09 : The Orphanage 8.28/10 (aired on 07/26/2016)

Emma and Audrey learn why they are being targeted while Noah loses something that is dear to him…

S02E10 : The Vanishing 8.78/10 (aired on 08/02/2016)

Audrey and Emma are driven further apart, Maggie and Acosta worry about secrets from their past and…

S02E11 : Heavenly Creatures 8.38/10 (aired on 08/09/2016)

In the wake of another murder, Emma and Audrey find themselves primes suspect when evidence appears…

S02E12 : When a Stranger Calls 8.49/10 (aired on 08/16/2016)

Emma and Audrey must make a daring move. Finally facing off with the Killer, they unmask Piper’s…

S02E13 : Halloween 8/10 (aired on 10/18/2016)

8 months after Kieran’s arrest, Emma is struggling to focus on her future. Noah and Stavo have…
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