When someone drives Griff's car over (and evantually under) the bridge, the town is at a loss for the culprit. As alibis and motives come flying out of nowhere, Laura is stunned at how many people were involved. Bob and Heather begin planning for their annual anniversary party, only the Gibsons aren't invited. Laura and Dan are the victim of more rumours, after she asks him how to fit in. Her plans go awry however after the town try to change her mind in the case against the real driver. The proposal for the bridge gets underway however Meredith is opposed to it. Unfortunately the rest of the council are not. Angus and Karen's relationship is put under stress thanks to Carmen, as is the relationship between Miranda and her mother. Heather and Bob's party is a success, but Laura gets a shock while swimming nude - both Dan and a boat of fishermen get a first class seat!

Aired on 11/14/1998
8.3/10 • 12 voting

SeaChange • S01E06
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