After Laura and Dan spend the day together, Dan's dreams get the better of him and Laura's seduction doesn't work. Carmen says there is a syzygy - three cosmic things in line - which causes the 'silly season'. As Karen dreams about a stuffed up wedding and Laura and Dan dream about each other, Craig is arrested with some youths for an environmental protest at Brabey Point, making Miranda look at him in a different light. Bob, who is part of the building, gets Craig off of the sentence and Laura and Miranda go for a picnic at Brabey Point only to discover Rupert and Trevor filming a young couple make out. When the car stops working, Laura rides to town to get Dan and Craig takes Miranda back to town where she educates him on global warming and environmental dangers. The Jelly family aren't impressed but the discovery of all the times spent at Brabey point make Dan and Laura curious. Craig is almost convicted of assault, but thanks to Rupert's video gets off. Only, the video also shows

Aired on 07/12/1998
9.3/10 • 12 voting

SeaChange • S01E10
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