Season episodes list 3


S03E01 : Best Laid Plans (aired on 08/27/2000)

Bob is distraught after the council has been fired. Worried that he will be involved, Bob must…

S03E02 : How Much Greener Was My Neighbour's Valley? (aired on 09/03/2000)

With the Fire Brigade dance looming, Laura struggles to get a date. Max is taken with the new Latin…

S03E03 : Hungi Jury (aired on 09/10/2000)

Laura joins the Women's Auxilary to be a part of the town's women. Meredith and Karen try to stop…

S03E04 : Bonfire of the VCRs (aired on 09/17/2000)

After Max and Carmen's affair, Carmen goes to the city for a job interview. The whole town thinks…

S03E05 : Pipeline (aired on 10/08/2000)

The new court reviewer, Warwick Munro takes an instant delight to Laura and they start dating. Max…

S03E06 : Adversely Posessed (aired on 10/15/2000)

Griff is being kicked out of his home and moves into the Jelly's house. Laura tries to help him…

S03E07 : Blowing in the Wind (aired on 10/22/2000)

An old friend of Max's arrives in town but no-one seems to like him when he is locked up for…

S03E08 : I Name Thee Bay of Pearls (aired on 11/05/2000)

Laura's mother, June, arrives in town during a geriatric traffic crime spree. June's suspiciously…

S03E09 : Eminent Persons (aired on 11/12/2000)

Laura's ego is battered when she is not chosen to speak during Eminent Persons Week at Rupert's…

S03E10 : Checks and Balances (aired on 11/19/2000)

Kevin is acting strangely. He heads out of town without Phrani, won't speak more than three words…

S03E11 : Love in the time of Coleridge (aired on 11/26/2000)

While Laura's on a one way track to the altar, Maxs announces he has accepted a lucrative job with…

S03E12 : To Thine Own Self Be Relatively True (aired on 12/02/2000)

Laura desperately wants to be honest with Warwick about her night with Max, but the moment…

S03E13 : Half-Life (aired on 12/09/2000)

While Laura suffers the fallout of a cancelled wedding, 'The Oyster' - publishing anti-nuclear…
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