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S34E01 : Sesame Street Sings Karaoke (aired on 04/07/2003)

Alan hosts a karaoke night at Hooper's Store.

S34E02 : Elmo Falls In Love With Gina (aired on 04/08/2003)

In Gina's veterinarian office, Elmo has brought his goldfish Dorothy in for a checkup. After the…

S34E03 : Cookie Hood (aired on 04/09/2003)

Cookie Hood takes cookies from those who have a lot of cookies and gives to those who have no…

S34E04 : Bert's Birthday (aired on 04/10/2003)

Today is Bert's birthday and Ernie's got a big surprise planned.

S34E05 : The Big Bad Wolf's Brother, Leonard (aired on 04/11/2003)

The Big Bad Wolf's brother, Leonard, visits Sesame Street, and they aren't very much alike.

S34E06 : Elmo Learns About Chess (aired on 04/14/2003)

Elmo comes across Gordon setting up a chess board. He plans on playing chess with Alan today. Since…

S34E07 : Super Grover's New Cape (aired on 04/15/2003)

Grover asks Maria at the Mail-It Shop if his new Super Grover cape has been delivered yet, as his…

S34E08 : Big Bird Writes a Story (aired on 04/16/2003)

Big Bird writes a fairy tale about a penguin, but can't figure out how to finish it.

S34E09 : Elmo and Zoe Pretend to be Aliens (aired on 04/17/2003)

Big Bird wraps up a playdate with Snuffy, when he hears some strange music. He follows it to the…

S34E10 : Zoe's T Party (aired on 04/18/2003)

Telly and Baby Bear head over to Zoe to see what fun game she has planned. She tells them they'll…

S34E11 : Oscar Wants A New Place to Live 9/10 (aired on 04/21/2003)

Oscar tries moving around Sesame Street when he gets tired of doing the same grouchy things over…

S34E12 : Fish-Sitters for Dorothy (aired on 04/22/2003)

Elmo tries to recruit a fish-sitter so that he can go to a baseball game with Gordon.

S34E13 : Elmo and Zoe Search for Rocco (aired on 04/23/2003)

Zoe and Elmo are putting on a circus and Zoe loses Rocco, her pet rock. Elmo helps Zoe look for…

S34E14 : Gabi, Zoe and Elmo Make Kites (aired on 04/24/2003)

Zoe and Elmo both want to fly kites after watching their favorite movie, but can't buy one at…

S34E15 : Cookie Monster Gets the Cookie Flu (aired on 04/25/2003)

Cookie Monster is hauling something heavy behind him. He calls out his friends (Big Bird, Elmo,…

S34E16 : Elmo and Rosita's Musical Playdate (aired on 04/28/2003)

Sesame Street has a mini-musical today while Elmo and Rosita try to get together for a playdate.

S34E17 : Telly is Afraid He'll Hurt Baby Bear (aired on 04/29/2003)

Telly and Baby Bear are playing basketball. While playing, Telly accidentally hits Baby Bear in the…

S34E18 : Rosita Meets a Frog Wearing a Crown (aired on 04/30/2003)

Rosita wants to play with someone, but it turns that just about everybody on Sesame Street is too…

S34E19 : Zoe and Stinky Write a Story (aired on 05/01/2003)

Telly and Baby Bear have just finished making a book they wrote and illustrated. Stinky the…

S34E20 : Zoe's New Tutu Gets Stuck in the Tree (aired on 05/02/2003)

Zoe shows Telly her new rainbow tutu. Just as she is about to put it on, the wind carries it away.…

S34E21 : Telly Cares for a Duckling (aired on 05/05/2003)

Telly is on his way to a playdate with Rosita, when he comes across a stray egg on the sidewalk. He…

S34E22 : Baby Bear and Telly Play with Bagpipes (aired on 05/06/2003)

Bob introduces Zoe to his friend Scotty McKilt, who plays the bagpipes. He plays a tune for Zoe to…

S34E23 : Episode 23 (aired on 05/07/2003)


S34E24 : Baby Bear Worries About His Future Sibling (1) (aired on 05/08/2003)

Mama Bear is expecting a new baby, and Baby Bear worries about his new sibling and how it will be…

S34E25 : Curly Bear is Born (2) (aired on 05/09/2003)

While staying at Gina's, Baby Bear gets a call from Papa Bear at the hospital saying that the baby…

S34E26 : Curly Bear Comes Home (3) (aired on 05/10/2003)

Baby Bear comes to terms with his new sister. Part 3 of 3 parts involving the birth of Curly Bear.

S34E27 : Episode 27


S34E28 : Episode 28


S34E29 : Episode 29


S34E30 : Episode 30


S34E31 : Episode 31 (aired on 04/11/2003)


S34E32 : Episode 32 (aired on 04/12/2003)


S34E33 : Episode 33 (aired on 04/16/2005)


S34E34 : Episode 34

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