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S36E01 : Telly Learns How to Catch a Ball (aired on 04/04/2005)

Everyone on Sesame Street is outside having fun and playing catch! Well, everyone except Telly, who…

S36E02 : The Banana in the Stone (aired on 04/05/2005)

The letter "J" and the number 9; literacy; nutrition. Hooper's Store is out of apples, Curly Bear's…

S36E03 : Health Food Game Show (aired on 04/06/2005)

Healthy Food Spanish Word - gato Location - Paris France Number of the Day - 6. The letter…

S36E04 : Birdseed Cookies For Granny (aired on 04/07/2005)

ig Bird’s granny is coming to Sesame Street, and with Alan’s help, Big Bird bakes“The World’s…

S36E05 : The True Story of The Three Bears (aired on 04/08/2005)

Telly is doing a “Monster on the Spot” report about Baby Bear, who is telling the story of what…

S36E06 : Look Up In The Sky It's Snuffy?! (aired on 04/11/2005)

Snuffy wants to be a cloud in the sky. He wonders how he is going to get up there, and then…

S36E07 : American Fruit Stand (aired on 04/12/2005)

Alan is busy receiving a big delivery at Hooper’s Store so Miles helps him out by watching the…

S36E08 : The Moon Is Not A Cookie ! (aired on 04/13/2005)

Cookie Monster thinks the moon is a giant cookie and sets off on a mission to figureout how he…

S36E09 : Snuffy Learns To Dance (aired on 04/14/2005)

Snuffy sees Elmo, Zoe, and her friend, Carina the Ballerina, ballet dancing and wants to join in on…

S36E10 : Big Bird, Snuffy and Friends Hike (aired on 04/15/2005)

Maria and Luis are planning for their hike gathering their backpacks, water, and trail mix. Big…

S36E11 : Baby Bear's First Day of School (aired on 04/18/2005)

It’s Baby Bear’s first day of school and he’s very excited! Papa Bear drops Baby Bear off at the…

S36E12 : Telly Learns The Grouchketeer Cheer (aired on 04/19/2005)

Telly Monster tells Gordon that he feels miserable because in order to go on Oscar’s Annual Grouch…

S36E13 : The Big Bad Wolf Goes On Vacation (aired on 04/20/2005)

The Big Bad Wolf feels so exhausted from having to chase pigs and dress up like a Grandma all the…

S36E14 : Mexico Street!? (aired on 09/08/2005)

Rosita is feeling homesick for her abuela and for Mexico. Seeing how much Rosita misses Mexico and…

S36E15 : Rock-sitter for Rocco (aired on 09/09/2005)

Zoe needs a rock-sitter to read, sing, and play with Rocco while she is away in swimming class. …

S36E16 : Goldilocks Takes Over Nursery Rhymes (aired on 09/12/2005)

Being completely oblivious to their feelings, Goldilocks takes Little Miss Muffet’s curds and whey,…

S36E17 : Elmo's And Zoe's Scientific Exploration (aired on 06/01/2005)

Elmo watches a leaf floating in a bucket of water and this observation leads Elmo to many other…

S36E18 : What Happens Next? (aired on 06/20/2005)

Elmo is excited to play a messy scientific game show called, "What Happens Next?" with Oscar as the…

S36E19 : Elmo and Zoe Claim A Ball (aired on 09/20/2005)

Zoe and Elmo find a ball on "Sesame Street" and begin arguing over whose ball it is. They both keep…

S36E20 : Grover the Veterinarian (aired on 09/02/2005)

Gina is so busy that she is in desperate need of an assistant. With just a wish, her Furry…

S36E21 : Telly's and Baby Bear's Story (aired on 09/26/2005)

Baby Bear and Telly decide to use their imaginations to write a story together, but have a hard…

S36E22 : Donald Grump Looks for An Apprentice (aired on 09/28/2005)

Donald Grump, the grouch with the most trash in the world, is looking for a new apprentice. Oscar,…

S36E23 : Sesame Street Loves You, Super Grover! (aired on 09/30/2005)

Super Chicken helps Luis and Maria replenish their supply of packing tape at the Mail It Shop,…

S36E24 : Sesame Street Learns to Sign (aired on 10/04/2005)

Rosita and Telly want to play a game of tag but they can’t find anyone to play with them. They meet…

S36E25 : The Adventures of Little Big Bird: Part 1 (aired on 12/29/2005)

Mumford is doing his new big/little trick for everyone. While he meant to turn a big letter “M”…

S36E26 : The Adventures of Little Big Bird: Part 2 (aired on 12/30/2005)

Previously, Big Bird was accidentally changed into little Big Bird when Mumford tried to do a magic…
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