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S37E01 : A New Friend On Sesame Street 7.5/10 (aired on 08/14/2006)

Oscar isn't very nice to a new resident, Abby Cadabby, and she's beginning to wish her family…

S37E02 : Show and Tell Elmo (aired on 08/15/2006)

Abby goes to the Storybook Community School for the first time, and Mrs. Goose and her class make…

S37E03 : Cookie World! (aired on 08/16/2006)

Cookie Monster asks Bob and a baby how they eat cookies, then counts cookies and does subtraction…

S37E04 : Elmo Learns About School (aired on 08/17/2006)

Gabi and Miles reminisce about their first day of school, telling Elmo about their classroom, the…

S37E05 : Herb, The Dinosaur, Comes To Sesame Street (aired on 08/18/2006)

Herb, the plant-eating dinosaur—the only dinosaur left, except, of course, for his cousin…

S37E06 : Snow White & The 6 Dwarves (aired on 08/22/2006)

Snow White's dwarves count themselves in various ways to prove that there are always seven. But…

S37E07 : Happy Anniversary Luis & Maria (aired on 08/24/2006)

Luis and Maria are trying to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a private picnic, but they…

S37E08 : Mr. Alan's School (aired on 08/28/2006)

Alan sets up a pretend school at Hooper's Store. As his star "pupil," Elmo gets to draw a picture,…

S37E09 : Elmo's Adventures With The Letter J (aired on 08/30/2006)

Elmo celebrates the letter "J" by changing his name to Jelmo and jumping all over the neighborhood.…

S37E10 : It's Time For Ask Oscar! (aired on 09/01/2006)

On the "Ask Oscar!" show, Telly reads a letter from a boy who can't remember what the little round…

S37E11 : The Importance of Adults (aired on 09/05/2006)

All the adults are too busy running errands to play with Big Bird, so he finds himself wishing for…

S37E12 : The Three Astro Bears (aired on 09/06/2006)

Baby Bear and Elmo write a thrilling story about the Three Bears in which they are Astro Bears…

S37E13 : Fantastic Freddy! (aired on 09/07/2006)

"Teacher" Zoe arranges a field trip for Rocco and all her dolls, but there's no room on the bus for…

S37E14 : Healthy Food Pageant (aired on 09/12/2006)

Prairie Dawn and the gang put on a Healthy Food Pageant. Zoe sings about potatoes, and Rosita sings…

S37E15 : Baby Bear's Great Invention! (aired on 09/13/2006)

On a very busy day at Hooper's store, Baby Bear decides to create an automatic lemonade-pouring…

S37E16 : Slimey The Hero! (aired on 09/14/2006)

When Slimey says that he wants to be a hero just like Trash Gordon, Rosita and Elmo are doubtful…

S37E17 : The Alphabet Road Show (aired on 09/18/2006)

Host David Letterguy and The Alphabet Road Show are coming to Sesame Street to look for unusual…

S37E18 : Happy Birthday Rocco! (aired on 09/20/2006)

Zoe is throwing a birthday party for her pet rock, Rocco, and everyone's invited. But what kind of…

S37E19 : Oscar Loves Cranky (aired on 09/21/2006)

Oscar gets a new dog: a Rottendoodle named Cranky. Because he has heard that Rottendoodles are…

S37E20 : Zoe's Hairytale (aired on 09/26/2006)

After hearing the story of Rapunzel, Zoe wishes to have long hair just like hers.

S37E21 : The What Comes Next Game! (aired on 09/27/2006)

Elmo plays the What Comes Next Game, in which he must guess what comes next in a pattern before a…

S37E22 : Gina Adopts A Baby Part 1 (aired on 04/16/2006)

Gina flies off to Guatemala to pick up Marco, the baby she is adopting. Maria goes with her to help…

S37E23 : Gina Adopts A Baby Part 2 (aired on 04/19/2006)

Gina brings her new baby home and discovers that everyone has been busy gathering blankets and…

S37E24 : Gina Adopts A Baby Part 3 (aired on 05/01/2006)

Snuffy and Big Bird want to play with Marco, so they bring over a wagon filled with baseball…

S37E25 : National Try A New Food Day! (aired on 11/09/2006)

Telly reports on National Try a New Food Day, starting with Baby Bear's attempt to eat some…

S37E26 : The Sloppy Jalopy & The Nastycar Races! (aired on 11/10/2006)

Oscar and Grundgetta want to race the Sloppy Jalopy in the Nastycar Races, but it won't start. When…

S37E99 : Episode 99

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