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S38E01 : Elmo & The Bookaneers 8.3/10 (aired on 08/13/2007)

Pirates who love reading invite Elmo to become a "Bookaneer".

S38E02 : A New Helper At Hoopers Store (aired on 08/14/2007)

Chris applies for many jobs before finding one that is a good fit.

S38E03 : The Wild Adventures of Telly & Baby Bear (aired on 08/15/2007)

Telly and Baby Bear borrow Abby's book, but the word "dog" jumps off the page and runs away.

S38E04 : Elmo's Favorite Book (aired on 08/16/2007)

Elmo tells Telly about his favorite story while Telly acts it out with his train set.

S38E05 : The P Game (aired on 08/17/2007)

Zoe uses Abby's wand to make her wish that everyone wear a tutu and dance come true.

S38E06 : Dancing Day on Sesame Street 7/10 (aired on 08/21/2007)

Zoe uses Abby's wand to make her wish that everyone wear a tutu and dance come true.

S38E07 : The Pretend Tricycle (aired on 08/23/2007)

After Big Bird breaks Elmo's bike, they learn to have fun pretending to ride a bike.

S38E08 : Zero The Hero (aired on 08/27/2007)

The number zero thinks he is nothing, but Big Bird shows him the importance of zero.

S38E09 : The Tale of Sleepy Grouchy 8.9/10 (aired on 08/29/2007)

Oscar reads a story about a wizard who puts a sleeping spell on a grouchy princess.

S38E10 : Baby Bear....Triangle Lover of the Day? (aired on 08/31/2007)

Telly and Baby Bear attend the Triangle Lover's meeting and learn more about triangles.

S38E11 : Fairytale Emergencies (aired on 09/04/2007)

Prairie Dawn interviews people to find out how they prepare for an emergency.

S38E12 : Pretend Family (aired on 09/06/2007)

Rosita, Telly, and Zoe play pretend happy family and learn how to work through problems.

S38E13 : Gabi, Telly, and Zoe Have a Picnic (aired on 09/10/2007)

Gabi, Telly, and Zoe are having a picnic when their honeydew melon suddenly disappears. So the…

S38E14 : Elmo's Letter To Abby (Chris Helps Elmo Write a Letter) (aired on 09/12/2007)

Abby has never received a letter, Chris helps Elmo write one to send to her.

S38E15 : 1,2,3 & 4 Friend Song (Big Bird, Elmo & Abby, Song for 3) (aired on 09/14/2007)

Big Bird and Elmo's song about two friends becomes three, then four, as more friends join in.

S38E16 : Telly Helps Gordon Play Golf (aired on 09/18/2007)

When Telly finds Gordon practicing for a round of golf, he decides to help make the practice…

S38E17 : Slimey & The Worm Cup! (The Worm Cup Games) (aired on 09/20/2007)

Slimey gets angry after being teased and learns the importance of good sportsmanship.

S38E18 : A Shaggy Snufflesaurus (Elmo Wishes for a Pet Dinosaur) (aired on 09/24/2007)

Elmo imagines himself with a pet dinosaur and sings a song about all the fun things they would do.

S38E19 : Maria the Chicken? (Zoe and Rosita Find Abby's Magic Wand) (aired on 09/26/2007)

Zoe and Rosita try magic to help Maria, but things go wrong when she seems to turn into a chicken.

S38E20 : The Amazing Alphabet Race (aired on 09/28/2007)

Elmo finds letters all around him playing the "Amazing Alphabet Race".

S38E21 : Ralphie the Parrot Flies Away (aired on 10/02/2007)

After Baby Bear brags to Alan about his pet parrot, Ralphie, the bird upsets him by flying away and…

S38E22 : Elmo Learns To Bowl (Chris Teaches Elmo How to Bowl) (aired on 10/05/2007)

Chris tries to teach Elmo how to bowl, but the lessons don't go well at first and Elmo gets…

S38E23 : Abby Learns To Make Believe (Elmo Shows Abby How to Pretend) 7.5/10 (aired on 10/08/2007)

Elmo explains make believe to Abby, and they pretend to be a frog, a chicken, and a car.

S38E24 : Elmo Learns About Growing Up (Elmo Is Jealous of Marco) 8.2/10 (aired on 10/10/2007)

Elmo is jealous of the attention Marco gets from Gina, so he pretends to be a baby.

S38E25 : Hide & Go Dance? (Rosita Gets Upset at Zoe & Abby) (aired on 10/12/2007)

Rosita, Zoe and Abby learn to take turns picking what to play so everyone can have fun.

S38E26 : Grouch News Network! (Oscar hosts Grouch News Network) (aired on 10/16/2007)

Oscar hosts the Grouch News Network, but the show is ruined when the stories have happy endings.
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