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S40E01 : Frankly It's Becoming a Habitat 7.73/10 (aired on 11/10/2009)

Big Bird is eating a hot bowl of soup on a cold day outside Hooper's Store when Freddy Flapman,…

S40E02 : Cowmonster Pair 8.6/10 (aired on 11/11/2009)

Elmo and Telly are at Hooper's Store when Little Bo Peep comes looking for her cow. Elmo and Telly…

S40E03 : Baby Bear is Afraid of Bees (aired on 11/12/2009)

Baby Bear and Abby are near a garden when a bee flies by. Baby Bear is filled with panic because he…

S40E04 : Wild Nature Survivor Guy 7.9/10 (aired on 11/13/2009)

Wild Nature Survivor Guy finds himself on Sesame Street. He is accustomed to surviving in the wilds…

S40E05 : Abby Makes Seasons Change (aired on 11/16/2009)

Chris is enjoying the beautiful spring weather as Elmo races to tell Chris that he found a sled in…

S40E06 : Y a Quest? Y Not (aired on 11/17/2009)

Telly excitedly runs to Abby and Elmo to tell them he has the book they’ve been waiting for, How to…

S40E07 : Bears Try to Hibernate (aired on 11/18/2009)

There is a porridge shortage on Sesame Street! Telly runs to tell Baby Bear, but when he finds him,…

S40E08 : Stinky's Annual Birthday Flower (aired on 11/19/2009)

Elmo and Zoe are coloring when they find out it's Stinky the plant’s birthday. Zoe and Elmo decide…

S40E09 : Elmo Finds a Baby Bird (aired on 11/20/2009)

Elmo and Rosita are thinking of rhymes when they hear, “Peep, peep.” Suddenly, a little baby bird…

S40E10 : Grouch Messing Machine (aired on 11/24/2009)

Elmo and Leela are in the laundromat when they hear a loud, clanging sound. Leela explains that the…

S40E11 : The Cookie Tree (aired on 11/27/2009)

Maria, Luis and Elmo are picking apples from an apple tree. Cookie Monster hears something loud and…

S40E12 : Mary, Mary Quite Contrary (aired on 11/30/2009)

Mary Mary Quite Contrary walks along Sesame Street and dumps a pile of dirt outside Oscar’s trash…

S40E13 : Abby Has the Sparkle Fairy Freckles (aired on 12/02/2009)

Elmo and Abby are playing tag. Suddenly, Abby’s freckles start sparkling! Abby calls the Fairy…

S40E14 : The Rainbow Show (aired on 12/04/2009)

Elmo is drawing when he looks up in the sky and sees a rainbow! Wow! Elmo rushes to show everybody,…

S40E15 : Amphibian Show (aired on 12/22/2009)

Elmo and Abby are resting when suddenly it’s time to play the game show, “Find that Amphibian.”…

S40E16 : Camping Show (aired on 12/24/2009)

Chris and Elmo are excited to be camping in the woods! They unpack their camping supplies and take…

S40E17 : Squirmadega Car Race (aired on 12/28/2009)

Slimey is practicing for the Squirmadega Car Race. He zooms forward, backward, and around and…

S40E18 : Jack's Big Jump 8.09/10 (aired on 12/30/2009)

Jack Be Nimble is getting ready for his big jump over eight candlesticks! He tries to jump over…

S40E19 : Inspected By 4 (aired on 01/01/2010)

Leela, Telly and Elmo are folding clothes in the laundromat when Inspector 4, Judah Friedlander,…

S40E20 : Wing in a Sling (aired on 01/19/2010)

Big Bird is happily roller skating along Sesame Street. Uh-oh! Crash! Big Bird falls down! Chris…

S40E21 : The Planet G (aired on 01/21/2010)

Maria helps Elmo write a story about the letter “G.” Elmo is having trouble thinking of letter “G”…

S40E22 : The Counting Booth (aired on 01/25/2010)

Uh-Oh! The Count has to leave his Counting Booth and has no one to watch it while he is gone.…

S40E23 : Tribute to Number Seven 8.01/10 (aired on 01/27/2010)

Today is the number seven day on Sesame Street! Rosita, Abby, and Zoe begin singing about the…

S40E24 : Abby's Tricycle (aired on 01/29/2010)

Abby is preparing to ride her very first tricycle! She has her basket, helmet, and her friend Elmo,…

S40E25 : Jacks Grows His Own Beanstalk (aired on 02/16/2010)

Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk comes to Sesame Street and tells Leela and Telly he has a problem.…

S40E26 : Princess Show (aired on 02/18/2010)

Abby, Rosita and a penguin are going to play princesses. First, they decide to dance. Rosita leaps…
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