Season episodes list 41


S41E01 : Camouflage Challenge (aired on 09/27/2010)

Elmo is taking pictures of his friends when they hear someone say something. It's Camouflage Carla!…

S41E02 : The Happy Scientists (aired on 09/28/2010)

Elmo, Rosita and Telly learn about the scientific process while investigating everyone's bathing…

S41E03 : Chicken About Thunderstorms (aired on 09/29/2010)

Elmo, Abby and Leela help their chicken T-ball teammates overcome their fear of thunderstorms.

S41E04 : The Ironing Monster (aired on 09/30/2010)

While waiting for his Super Grover cape to be cleaned at the coin laundry, Grover becomes a…

S41E05 : What’s That Noise (aired on 10/01/2010)

Elmo is sleeping over at Maria and Luis' apartment. When Elmo tries to sleep, he hears a strange…

S41E06 : The Furry Four (aired on 10/04/2010)

Telly, Abby and Elmo want to pretend to be the superheros in "The Furry Four," Telly's favorite…

S41E07 : The Whoosh and Vanish Mystery (aired on 10/06/2010)

It's a very windy day on Sesame Street. Elmo and Telly are just about to play a game of basketball.…

S41E08 : Music Magic (aired on 10/08/2010)

Elmo makes everyone on Sesame Street sing---with a wave of Abby's magic wand.

S41E09 : Bert’s Pigeon Search (aired on 10/12/2010)

Elmo and Abby help Bert find a type of pigeon that he's never seen. Along the way, they spot a…

S41E10 : Up In The Air (aired on 10/14/2010)

Big Bird and Snuffy learn about gravity from Gordon, but wonder what life would be like without it.…

S41E11 : Snuffle Sneeze (aired on 11/01/2010)

Snuffy can't stop sneezing after meeting up with Big Bird, who's fresh from a dust bath. Gina…

S41E12 : There’s An App For That (aired on 11/03/2010)

Teddy trades his old pogo stick for a brand-new iPogo, which the salesman promises will enable him…

S41E13 : The ‘A’ Team (aired on 11/05/2010)

Abby, Elmo and Telly join the A Team, which solves people's problems by using words that begin with…

S41E14 : Where’s The Itsy Bitsy Spider? (aired on 11/09/2010)

Elmo, Telly and Rosita search for Itsy Bitsy Spider in order to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to her.…

S41E15 : Fetch The Letter ‘I’ (aired on 11/11/2010)

Elmo and Telly build the letter I with their "Letter of the Day" kit, but Iggy the dog---who was…

S41E16 : Rahki Road (aired on 11/26/2010)

Leela, who's been making bracelets to celebrate the Indian holiday Rakhi, waits for a special…

S41E17 : Puddle Jumping (aired on 12/06/2010)

On a rainy day, Elmo waits for puddles to form so that he can splash in them. He pretends to shower…

S41E18 : Saved By Super Foods (aired on 12/08/2010)

The Super Food Super Heroes come to the aid of Super Grover and Elmo, who are unsure of what a kiwi…

S41E19 : Twins Day on Sesame Street (aired on 12/10/2010)

Twins are celebrated with their own special day. Chris introduces his twin sister Christy; Abby and…

S41E20 : Veggies Revolt (aired on 12/14/2010)

Vegetables protest Telly's lettuce-free tuna sandwich, Zoe's leftover broccoli and Cookie Monster's…

S41E21 : Sesame Street Fairy Tale Science Fair (aired on 12/16/2010)

Fairy-tale characters solve problems with science. Cinderella learns whether a pumpkin can float;…

S41E22 : Rock, Rock Band 7.5/10 (aired on 12/27/2010)

Elmo and Abby help Vergil Von Vivaldi (Michael McKean) put together a rock band consisting entirely…

S41E23 : Zoe Loves Rocco (aired on 12/28/2010)

Zoe asks Elmo to watch her pet rock Rocco for her, but he's too busy playing with Baby David to…

S41E24 : Dirtballs (aired on 12/29/2010)

Oscar and two other grouches set out to dirty the clean neighborhood, but their attempts backfire.

S41E25 : Grouch Mother's Day (aired on 12/30/2010)

Oscar tries to give his mom the worst Grouchy Mother's Day ever, but he has keen competition from…

S41E26 : Abby Tries and Tries Again (aired on 12/31/2010)

Abby uses magic to dress Leela and Chris for a party.

S41E27 : The Golden Triangle of Destiny (repeat of 4161) (aired on 10/05/2010)

Texas Telly and Chris follow clues around Sesame Street to find the Golden Triangle of Destiny.

S41E28 : Telly's New Shoes (repeat of 4162) (aired on 10/07/2010)

Telly makes a shoe wish so the Shoe Fairy will come and give him his first pair of shoes.

S41E29 : Sock Chaos at the Laundromat (repeat of 4163) (aired on 10/11/2010)

Abby uses her new "two trick," which turns one thing into two things, on Chris's orphaned sock.

S41E30 : Firefly Show (repeat of 4165) (aired on 10/13/2010)

Baby Bear and Telly catch a firefly, realize that it is sad to be trapped in a jar, and let it go.

S41E31 : Max the Magician (repeat of 4166) (aired on 10/15/2010)

Everyone tries to figure out the secrets to Max the Magician's tricks, only to discover that…

S41E32 : Elmo and Zoe's Hat Contest (repeat of 4168) (aired on 11/02/2010)

It's Who Can Wear the Most Hats on Their Head Day, and Elmo and Zoe are competing. But it seems…

S41E33 : Telly the Tiebreaker (repeat of 4169) (aired on 11/04/2008)

Elmo, Zoe, and Rosita make a block house but can't agree whether to put a square or circle on top.

S41E34 : Curly Bear Chases Birthday Cake (repeat of 4170) (aired on 11/08/2010)

Baby Bear is worried that Curly Bear is going to wreck his chocolate-porridge birthday cake.

S41E35 : Number 6 Games (repeat of 4172) (aired on 11/10/2010)

A day devoted entirely to the number 6.

S41E36 : Abby Thinks Oscar is a Prince (repeat of 4173) (aired on 11/12/2010)

After hearing a story about a frog who is a prince, Abby thinks that Oscar is an enchanted prince.

S41E37 : Elmo Steps in for Super Grover (repeat of 4176) (aired on 12/07/2010)

Super Chicken and her sidekick, Robin, fly in to help Elmo. Horatio becomes Super Grover's sidekick.

S41E38 : Abby's First Sleep Over (repeat of 4177) (aired on 12/09/2010)

Abby goes to Big Bird's nest for her very first sleepover, and Maria reads her "Hey, Diddle,…

S41E39 : Three Cheers for Us (repeat of 4178) (aired on 12/13/2010)

Elmo tries to bounce his ball three times, and Zoe the cheerleader cheers him on.

S41E40 : Elmo Wants to be Like Gordon (repeat of 4180) (aired on 12/15/2010)

Elmo wants to be like Gordon, so he spends a day looking and acting just like him.

S41E41 : Mine-itis on Sesame Street (repeat of 4181) (aired on 12/17/2010)

Brian Williams breaks in with an important news update: No one is sharing!

S41E42 : The Cookie Touch (repeat of 4184) (aired on 01/03/2011)

Chris gives Cookie Monster the last cookie in Hooper's store and tells him that there will be more…

S41E43 : The Help-O-Bots (repeat of 4185) (aired on 01/05/2010)

Chris reads Elmo, Telly, and Rosita the story of "Rico, the Very Helpful Robot." After hearing it,…

S41E44 : Annual Triangle Toss (repeat of 4167) (aired on 12/07/2010)

Telly gets ready for the Triangle Lovers' Annual Triangle Toss and wears his lucky triangle vest.
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