Season 45

Season 45 is one of the most high-energy seasons yet. With catchy dance breaks and songs, everyone will be up on their feet!

Season episodes list 45


S45E01 : School for Chickens (aired on 09/15/2014)

Elmo helps Professor Buck Awe teach a class of chickens using strategies he learned in preschool.

S45E02 : Bert's Training Wheels (aired on 09/16/2014)

Luis and Ernie help Bert gain the confidence to ride his bike without training wheels after they…

S45E03 : Proud to Be Me (aired on 09/17/2014)

Mando, Chris and Leela help Segi see that being brown is snazzy when she becomes upset after…

S45E04 : Numeric-con (aired on 09/18/2014)

A comic-con-like number convention comes to Sesame Street and Elmo helps solve problems using math.

S45E05 : Enthusiastic Penelope (aired on 09/19/2014)

Chris helps Penelope, an overly excited penguin, learn how to control herself and make new friends.

S45E06 : Number 15's Quinceanera (aired on 10/06/2014)

Abby and Zoe learn how to compromise and give Number 15 the best quinceanera ever.

S45E07 : A Bicycle Built by Two (aired on 10/08/2014)

Luis and Telly follow a diagram of a bicycle and build the perfect sized bicycle for Little Chicken.

S45E08 : Ernie's Dance Video (aired on 10/10/2014)

Ernie changes his plan of making a dance video with everyone on Sesame Street as new steps are…

S45E09 : If Me Had That Wand (aired on 10/30/2014)

Cookie Monster is tempted to take Abby's wand, but Alan helps him think about how Abby would feel.

S45E10 : Calm Down and Think, Elmo (aired on 11/17/2014)

Alan helps Elmo calm down and think so he can answer questions in order to win a brand new bicycle…

S45E11 : Peter Piper's Purpose (aired on 11/19/2014)

Telly helps Alan pick pickled peppers for each customer.

S45E12 : Big Bird Loses His Nest (aired on 11/21/2014)

Big Bird speaks up when another bird takes his nest.

S45E13 : Waiting for the Present (aired on 12/16/2014)

Rosita needs to learn how to control herself and wait to open her present from Elmo.

S45E14 : Oscar's Trash Plan (aired on 01/12/2015)

Oscar learns to resist spending his trash and save it for a special grouch instrument.

S45E15 : Stinky's First Day of Preschool (aired on 01/13/2015)

Stinky is anxious about preschool. Elmo and Chris give Stinky strategies to help Stinky calm down.

S45E16 : Oscar's Clean Tuxedo (aired on 01/14/2015)

Leela and Elmo remember and recreate three of the yuckiest stains on Oscar's tuxedo.

S45E17 : Elmo the Grouch (aired on 01/15/2015)

Oscar tries to convince Elmo that he's becoming a Grouch.

S45E18 : Friendship Day (aired on 02/03/2015)

Zoe learns to be careful with the words she uses after hurting Elmo's feelings over their…

S45E19 : Chaos at Hooper's Store (aired on 02/17/2015)

Alan and Telly use math to figure out how to take care of The Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe's 12…

S45E20 : Bert's Sign Painting Challenge (aired on 02/19/2015)

Chris helps Bert calm down as he struggles with letters that look similar.

S45E21 : Papa Bear Goes to Preschool (aired on 03/30/2015)

Papa Bear learns that school rules are different from rules at home.

S45E22 : Jack B. Nimble Can't Sit Down (aired on 04/01/2015)

Chris and Elmo help Jack B. Nimble stay in his seat and pay attention so they can all watch the…

S45E23 : Upside-Down Nursery Rhymes (aired on 04/03/2015)

Mother Goose rewrites some of her famous rhymes to help her characters work through their feelings.

S45E24 : Abby Schools in Cool (aired on 04/27/2015)

Mando & Abby help Rosita, Elmo, and Telly see the value of being themselves and doing things that…

S45E25 : Grover Does It All (aired on 05/01/2015)

Mando helps Grover slow down and focus when he tries to too many activities at the same time.

S45E26 : Everyday Magic (aired on 06/08/2015)

Telly and Abby discover the 'magic' of using everyday objects as tools to help solve problems…
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