Season 48

The word on the street is 'kindness' in Season 48 of this award-winning series that features a new segment: 'Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck.'

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S48E01 : A Sesame Street Thanksgiving (aired on 11/18/2017)

Elmo, Big Bird, Rosita, Alan, Julia, Nina and the rest of the neighborhood gather to appreciate all…

S48E02 : Cinderella's Slippery Slippers (aired on 11/25/2017)

Cinderella would rather play than open her new shoe store and be a princess; Rosita tells…

S48E03 : Elmo's Nursery Rhyme (aired on 12/02/2017)

Mother Goose tries to write a nursery rhyme for Elmo, but doesn't know anything about him; Abby…

S48E04 : Rapunzel Gets a Haircut (aired on 12/09/2017)

Abby and Elmo help Rapunzel figure out how to keep her hair from getting in the way so she can…

S48E05 : Martian Mission (aired on 12/16/2017)

Martians arrive on Sesame Street to find out what Earth people are like; Elmo shows them around and…

S48E06 : Clothing Drive (aired on 12/23/2017)

Rudy's favorite sweater no longer fits him, so Nina suggests having a clothing drive where everyone…

S48E07 : M is for Missing (aired on 12/30/2017)

The letter M goes missing all over Sesame Street, and it is up to Nina and the gang to find it.

S48E08 : Abby's Sock Solution (aired on 01/06/2018)

Abby tries to help Chris after he loses a sock while doing laundry, but her efforts create chaos…

S48E09 : Our Family's Way (aired on 01/13/2018)

Abby's family has dinner at Elmo's house and learns that even though they do things differently,…

S48E10 : The Last Straw (aired on 01/20/2018)

Bert searches for a quiet place to nap after Ernie makes too much noise; after spending time apart,…

S48E11 : Kitty Kindness (aired on 01/27/2018)

When a lost kitten gets discovered on Sesame Street, Chris and Elmo put up signs to try and find…

S48E12 : Hair Training (aired on 02/03/2018)

Prairie and her friend Gabrielle are practicing a dance, but their hair doesn’t move the same way.…

S48E13 : Book Worming (aired on 02/10/2018)

Elmo's friend Zuzu is visiting Sesame Street from South Africa. After reading all about her home in…

S48E14 : Chinese New Year (aired on 02/17/2018)

It's Chinese New Year on Sesame Street! To learn how some people celebrate the holiday in China and…

S48E15 : Chamki Visits Sesame Street (aired on 02/24/2018)

Big Bird is getting ready for a visit from Chamki, his pen pal from India. Grover, Elmo, Rosita and…

S48E16 : Street Food (aired on 03/03/2018)

Lily, a four-year-old tiger cub from China, joins Chamki, Zuzu, and all their new friends for an…

S48E17 : Crafty Friends (aired on 03/10/2018)

Elmo helps Zoe find just the right play date for her pet rock, Rocco.

S48E18 : It's Dance Your Favorite Dance Day (aired on 03/17/2018)

Nina knows a lot of dances from around the world, and she's able to teach everyone the moves to…

S48E19 : Me Am Cookie Monster (aired on 03/24/2018)

Cookie Monster defends his identity when rumors start swirling that he's really Veggie Monster.

S48E20 : Elmo's Butterfly Friend (aired on 03/31/2018)

Elmo and Telly learn how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly through metamorphosis.

S48E21 : Shape Hunt (aired on 04/07/2018)

Everyone on Sesame Street is getting ready to play Shape Hunt. Each team gets a list of shapes and…

S48E22 : The Helpful Cloud (aired on 04/14/2018)

Elmo and Grover help Floatie the Cloud try to find a job on Sesame Street; Chris helps Floatie…

S48E23 : The Happy To Be Me Club (aired on 04/21/2018)

Big Bird feels bad about himself after being teased, but Abby reminds him that he is special.

S48E24 : My Rahki Family (aired on 04/28/2018)

Chris, Telly and Zoe visit the Laundromat and find Leela making a bracelet. She explains today is…

S48E25 : The Wheel Deal (aired on 05/05/2018)

Nina cleans out the bike shop, and Oscar wants everything for his trash collection; the Three Pigs…

S48E26 : Grandparent's Day (aired on 05/12/2018)

Elmo is disappointed when his grandparents get stuck at the airport while on their way to visit him…

S48E27 : The New Old MacDonald (aired on 05/19/2018)

Old MacDonald's animals don't want to sing their song anymore because it's always sung the same…

S48E28 : Oscar the Kind (aired on 05/26/2018)

When Oscar the Grouch gets sick, he doesn’t feel grouchy anymore … he feels kind! Elmo and Baby…

S48E29 : Elmo and Abby's Bubble Fun (aired on 06/02/2018)

Alan and Chris introduce Sesame Street's first-ever Bubble Fest! Elmo, Abby, Telly and the kids…

S48E30 : The Golden Triangle (aired on 06/09/2018)

Texas Telly joins Minnesota Mel in a search for the Golden Triangle of Destiny.

S48E31 : Fido the Frog (aired on 06/16/2018)

Chris, Elmo and Abby help Fido feel proud that he is a frog and find the right habitat to live in.

S48E32 : Abby and Zoe Love Karate (aired on 06/23/2018)

Nina teaches Abby and Zoe all about karate. After learning how to focus and practice, Abby and Zoe…

S48E33 : Rosita and Elmo Teach Yoga (aired on 06/30/2018)

Telly practices balancing his weight during yoga class.

S48E34 : Surfin' Sesame Street (aired on 07/07/2018)

Alan tells Elmo and Grover that he couldn't go on vacation this year, so Elmo, Grover and Chris…

S48E35 : The Count's Counting Error (aired on 07/14/2018)

Upset by his first-ever counting mistake, the Count tries to find another job. He soon finds out…
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