Blisteringly funny, offbeat drama following the rollercoaster lives and loves of an anarchic family from Manchester. Meet the Gallaghers. Mum went AWOL years ago, Dad stayed at home with the six children only to hit the bottle. And sometimes the kids... The real head of the family is big sister Fiona (20), who looks after Carl (11), Debbie (9) and baby Liam (3). She is occasionally helped, more often hindered, by reluctant virgin 'Lip' (16) and the actively gay, but very private, Ian (15). Welcome to a hectic world of sexual adventures, triumphs, love, scams and a fair bit of crime on a rough Manchester housing estate, where wheel-less cars are the norm and the moving ones are stolen.

TV series created in 2004 and concluded in 2013 by Paul Abbott.
The show consists of 11 seasons and 138 episodes.


S02E05 : Episode 5 8.23/10 (82 voting)


S01E07 : Episode 7 8.21/10 (134 voting)


S02E06 : Episode 6 8.21/10 (75 voting)



David Threlfall David Threlfall
Frank Gallagher
Rebecca Atkinson
Karen Jackson
Alice Barry
Lillian Tyler
Nicky Evans
Shane Maguire
Tina Malone
Mimi Maguire
Aaron McCusker Aaron McCusker
Jamie Maguire
Stephen Lord Stephen Lord
Qasim Akhtar
Chesney Karib
Michael Taylor
Billy Tutton
Karen Bryson Karen Bryson
Avril Powell
Kira Martin
Letitia Powell
David ThrelfallExecutive Producer
Lawrence TillProducer
Nick GodingProducer
Rob GlassborowProducer
Emma BurgeProducer
Diana BartonProducer
Tim WhitbyProducer
Michelle FrancesProducer
Jonathan LeatherProducer
Johann KnobelProducer
Claire InghamExecutive Producer
Susan DunnProducer
Ed McCardieProducer
Matt JonesExecutive Producer
Tom HigginsProducer
Jean HoldsworthProducer
Charles PattinsonExecutive Producer
George FaberExecutive Producer
Paul AbbottExecutive Producer

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