Season 2

Frank and Monica rekindle their self-destructive relationship after Frank's mother returns from prison to wreak havoc. Fiona is thrown for a loop when Steve returns from Rio with a surprise. Lip makes big changes in preparation for the arrival of his and Karen's baby. Karen and Sheila clash over Karen's new husband Jody, a good-hearted but weird guy she met in Sexaholics Anonymous. Ian tries to get into West Point. Debbie prepares for the onset of puberty. Kev and Veronica contemplate starting a family.

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S02E01 : Summertime 8.36/10 (aired on 01/08/2012)

Fiona spends her summer with a new guy and bartending, while Debbie runs a daycare at their home.…

S02E02 : Summer Loving 8.16/10 (aired on 01/15/2012)

As Sheila conquers her agoraphobia, a worried Frank finds a new financial plan in fellow bar patron…

S02E03 : I'll Light a Candle For You Every Day 8.35/10 (aired on 01/22/2012)

Fiona hopes her moral compass isn't leading her astray when she reconnects with her married high…

S02E04 : A Beautiful Mess 8.65/10 (aired on 01/29/2012)

Fiona deals with the consequences of sleeping with Craig when his angry wife shows up at the door;…

S02E05 : Father's Day 8.45/10 (aired on 02/05/2012)

Frank tries to claim Eddie's insurance benefits and pension, despite being a prime suspect in his…

S02E06 : Can I Have a Mother 8.56/10 (aired on 02/12/2012)

Grammy Gallagher shows up on a medical furlough and tries to track down a former meth lab protege…

S02E07 : A Bottle of Jean Nate 8.27/10 (aired on 02/19/2012)

Lip tries to get back in Karen's good graces by crafting a prenuptial agreement for her and Jody,…

S02E08 : Parenthood 8.64/10 (aired on 03/04/2012)

With Grammy near death, Frank exits the house but walks in on Ian and Mickey locked in passion at…

S02E09 : Hurricane Monica 8.46/10 (aired on 03/11/2012)

Monica returns to party and plot scams with Frank, but the rest of the family suspects she hasn't…

S02E10 : A Great Cause 8.65/10 (aired on 03/18/2012)

Fiona starts to plan for her future now that Monica is back but her reprieve may be short-lived as…

S02E11 : Just Like the Pilgrims Intended 9.13/10 (aired on 03/25/2012)

It's a typical Gallagher nontraditional Thanksgiving that includes a suicide attempt by Monica,…

S02E12 : Fiona Interrupted 8.85/10 (aired on 04/01/2012)

A lonely Frank schemes to break Monica out of the psychiatric facility. Jimmy earns his way back…
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