Season episodes list 19


S19E01 : Stunning and Brave 7.78/10 (aired on 09/16/2015)

There is a new principal at the helm of South Park Elementary. He forces the boys to confront the…

S19E02 : Where My Country Gone? 8.29/10 (aired on 09/23/2015)

Mr Garrison is fed up with undocumented immigrants, and proposes building a wall to keep them out.

S19E03 : The City Part of Town 7.59/10 (aired on 09/30/2015)

As the town of South Park is gentrifying around him, Kenny gets a job at City Wok.

S19E04 : You're Not Yelping 8.09/10 (aired on 10/14/2015)

There’s a new kid in school and his parents have opened a restaurant in the recently gentrified…

S19E05 : Safe Space 8.57/10 (aired on 10/21/2015)

Cartman is the latest victim of body shaming, and Randy has to deal with uncomfortable…

S19E06 : Tweek x Craig 7.89/10 (aired on 10/28/2015)

The news of a romantic relationship between Tweek and Craig hits South Park Elementary. Mr. Mackey…

S19E07 : Naughty Ninjas 8.38/10 (aired on 11/11/2015)

When Kenny leads the boys in playing Ninja Warriors, a foreign terrorist organization takes notice.…

S19E08 : Sponsored Content 8.98/10 (aired on 11/18/2015)

Jimmy is sent to the principal’s office for using an inappropriate word in the school paper. His…

S19E09 : Truth and Advertising 8.28/10 (aired on 12/02/2015)

The latest news in the school paper sends the boys searching for their missing classmates.

S19E10 : PC Principal Final Justice 7.98/10 (aired on 12/09/2015)

The gentrification of South Park is pricing Randy right out of town. Meanwhile, Kyle’s distrust of…