It's spring in Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob finds a wild seahorse and decides to keep her. He names her Mystery and he keeps on confining her into small, cramped spaces, so she becomes unhappy. Mr. Krabs convinces SpongeBob that releasing her is the right thing to do.

Aired on 07/12/2002
13 :
9.48/10 • 498 voting

SpongeBob SquarePants • S03E04
Bill Fagerbakke Bill FagerbakkePatrick Star (voice)
Carolyn Lawrence Carolyn LawrenceSandy Cheeks (voice)
Tom Kenny Tom KennySpongeBob Squarepants (voice)
Rodger Bumpass Rodger BumpassSquidward (voice)
Clancy Brown Clancy BrownMr. Krabs (voice)
Scott ManszAnimation Supervisor
Clint Bond Jr.Storyboard