Strawberry 100%

Literally means strawberry 100%, Manaka Junpei wants to be a film director. His dreams come true when a girl with strawberry panties fall from the sky. In the accident, Manaka got to see a glimpse of this girl. He spots that she dropped her notebook. Turns out, she is the "ugly" girl, Aya Tojo, in his school who wants to be a writer for movies. Each fate intervenes as these two meet and the other mistakes with other women like Tsukasa Nishino who he mistakes as Aya and his fate becomes one with her instead. This is a great anime with a lot of humor and delight. From his manga, Mizuki Kawashita has made an excellent manga that transformed into an excellent anime

TV series created in 2005 by Mizuki Kawashita.
The show consists of 1 season and 13 episodes.



Kenichi Suzumura Kenichi Suzumura
Junpei Manaka
Mamiko Noto Mamiko Noto
Aya Toujou
Sanae Kobayashi Sanae Kobayashi
Satsuki Kitaoji
Nana Mizuki Nana Mizuki
Yui Minamito
Megumi Toyoguchi Megumi Toyoguchi
Tsukasa Nishino
Takashi Kondō
Wataru Takagi Wataru Takagi
Rikiya Komiyama
Mitsuki Saiga Mitsuki Saiga
Shiori Kurokawa
Mitsuki Saiga Mitsuki Saiga
Junpei Manaka
Ai Shimizu Ai Shimizu
Chinami Hashimoto
Showko Tsuda Showko Tsuda
Junpei Manaka's Mother
Mikako Takahashi Mikako Takahashi
Yuji Ueda Yuji Ueda
Hiroshi Sotomura

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    1 Season • 13 Episodes

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    6.68/10 (193 voting)

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