Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : The Con Man 7.4/10 (aired on 02/09/2013)

In the second-season opener, Connor's motives become clear to the trio, who realize they've…

S02E02 : Flint Forster 7.5/10 (aired on 02/16/2013)

Amanda McKay starts to develop feelings for Flint Forster, a thief who specializes in the…

S02E03 : Shadow Fly (aired on 02/23/2013)

Owen Reynolds is excited to enjoy the fame brought on by a viral photo of him in his ninja suit,…

S02E04 : Grounded Ninja (aired on 03/02/2013)

Martin catches Mike sneaking out of the house and grounds him, and now Mike must find a loophole in…

S02E05 : Kid Q (aired on 03/09/2013)

When Amanda and Mike pair up in the science fair, Owen gets stuck with Quinton as a science fair…

S02E06 : Cheer Fever (aired on 03/16/2013)

A cheerleader who was once Amanda's rival is released from juvie, and still holds a grudge against…

S02E07 : The Ishina Strike Back (aired on 03/30/2013)

When Mike forgets about Martin's birthday, he throws him a last minute party to compensate, but…

S02E08 : Enter the Dojo (aired on 04/06/2013)

The Ninjas bring in Kid Q to fix the dojo after it is destroyed and bring Hologramps back, but Kid…

S02E09 : Finding Forster (aired on 04/13/2013)

Flint Forster discovers Amanda's true identity and gets a look at her life as a ninja, and when a…

S02E10 : Wallflower (aired on 04/20/2013)

Owen pursues his crush on Paloma Peru, but gets captured by a girl who likes him; Mike and Amanda…

S02E11 : M@yhem (aired on 04/20/2013)

The Ninjas investigate a social media star who uses flash mobs to incite chaos; Paloma grows…

S02E12 : Spring Fling 6.1/10 (aired on 04/27/2013)

Mike is left broken hearted when he misses his chance to ask Amanda to the dance. Instead she goes…

S02E13 : The Floating Sword (aired on 04/27/2013)

Mike's Cousin Connor returns as a spy and learns that the Kata is the key to finding the floating…
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