Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : Stranded (aired on 01/28/2001)

Sixteen contestants arrive on a military airplane in Queensland and immediately form two…

S02E02 : Suspicion 7.2/10 (aired on 02/01/2001)

Jerri accuses Kel of eating contraband beef jerky, which he denies. In the “Butch Cassidy” Reward…

S02E03 : Trust No One (aired on 02/08/2001)

The players try to win fishing tackle in the “Water Torture” Reward Challenge, which requires them…

S02E04 : The Killing Fields (aired on 02/15/2001)

Michael catches and butchers a wild pig, which doesn't make vegetarian Kimmi too happy. In the…

S02E05 : The Gloves Come Off (aired on 02/22/2001)

Wildfires threaten the camps, and Kimmi and Alicia get into a heated, fingerpointing argument. In…

S02E06 : Trial By Fire 7.9/10 (aired on 03/01/2001)

Michael suffers severe burns on his hands after he passes out and falls into the campfire. Medics…

S02E07 : The Merge (aired on 03/08/2001)

The Ogakor and Kucha tribes merge to form Barramundi and then set up camp in a new location. The…

S02E08 : Friends? (aired on 03/14/2001)

The players try to win a dinner that includes salmon, chicken and shrimp in the “Return to Sender”…

S02E09 : The First 24 Days: A Closer Look (aired on 03/21/2001)

A review of the first 24 days in The Outback includes previously unseen footage.

S02E10 : Honeymoon or Not? (aired on 01/29/2001)

The winner of the Reward Challenge chooses one person to enjoy a trip to the Great Barrier Reef to…

S02E11 : Let's Make a Deal (aired on 04/05/2001)

The players are given money to participate in the “Survivor Auction,” in which they can buy various…

S02E12 : No Longer Just a Game (aired on 04/12/2001)

A torrential storm produces flash floods that destroy the campsite and carry away the last can of…

S02E13 : Enough Is Enough (aired on 04/19/2001)

The players communicate with loved ones back home in the “Outback Internet Café,” and one castaway…

S02E14 : The Final Four (aired on 04/26/2001)

The Final Four players compete for Reward in the “Survivor Pentathlon,” which incorporates elements…

S02E15 : The Most Deserving (aired on 05/03/2001)

The Final Three players compete in their last Immunity Challenge, “Fallen Comrades,” in which they…

S02E16 : Survivor: The Australian Outback Reunion (aired on 05/10/2001)

The 16 contestants reunite to discuss their experiences in the Outback. Bryant Gumbel is the host.